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   Chapter 189 She Hired Me

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"What happened on earth? Why are you so angry?" Maynard lightly swept the scattered petals on the ground with his cold sight, frowning tightly.

Viola's temples were close to a break-up. As she was speaking, the smile on her face looked so bad that it was even worse than crying. "Well, what do you think?"

"You'd better tell me what stupid thing you have done." With his hands on his abdomen, a faint sneer appeared at his thin lips.

Viola was shocked. She shook her body like a waving wild grass and said, "You It's none of your business. Mind your own business! "

She tried to swallow the words that was about to come out of her mouth, and did not know how she had the courage to cheer up.

However, when she heard what she said just now, she became very restless.

Maynard gave her a cold glance, and a faint sneer played at the corners of his mouth.

Viola glared at him. But she couldn't totally vent her anger.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

All of a sudden, someone knocked at the door from outside very loudly. It sounded like that someone would break the door plate at any time.

Their eyes met. At last, she withdrew her sight reluctantly and opened the door.

There were still tears hanging on the pale and thin face of Vivi. She wiped her shoulder in a hurry and threw herself directly into Maynard's arms.

"Someone molested me just now. I thought I wouldn't have the chance to see you again She cried Tears welled up in Vivi's eyes all of a sudden as if she hit an invisible switch.

Viola was stunned by how Vivi could cry in front of her.

"Don't run! Can't you have a drink with me?" The young man, who was dressed up to be a nobility, came in with a glass of red wine that reeked of intoxication in his hand.

As soon as Viola saw him, her eyelids twitched. She immediately had a bad feeling.

"Mr. Mr. Chu..." The man, who looked like a boy with a milk face, was frightened as he saw the tall and strong Maynard, and he stopped his footsteps abruptly and stuttered.

"It's him! It's him who want to take advantage of me!" said Vivi, pointing at him with her slender finger

In an instant, Maynard's eyes became extremely sharp.

"…… You Please

d on Viola's face. She pointed at him with her fair skinned right index finger for a long time before she hatefully squeezed out the words from her teeth, "You not only don't have professional ethics, but also don't have masculinity. It's bad comments!"

She was breathing fast and her chest heaved violently because of the emotional fluctuation.

"Don't say that, Miss Qi!" Victor's face changed. He forced a smile.

Viola folded her hands over her chest, raised her chin high, as if she had to throw caution to the wind. "You cheated me, so I will give you bad comments."

"Please, help me!" Victor's face turned dreary. He touched the tears on his face which didn't exist at all, and then grabbed Viola's arm and said, "I have my reasons. I have no choice!"

His eyes were full of plea.

Viola shook off his hands and laughed in anger. She pointed at herself and said, "You mean I am the one who forced you?"

"No no no!" In a panic, Victor shook his head and explained, "It's not that I don't want to help you. Vivi asked me to do that. I can't do anything about it!"

On hearing this, Viola was stunned. She took a deep look at him and said, "Say it again!"

Meanwhile, she calmly reached into her bag and pressed the recording pen inside.

"I swear to God, it was Vivi who asked me to frame you, otherwise I will die!" Gritting his teeth, Victor stamped his foot and stretched out his hand.

Viola turned to look at the sky outside.

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