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   Chapter 188 The Difference Between 19 And 61

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Updated: 2020-03-19 00:02

"Reporter Qi, can you just shut up or I'll find someone to sew it up for you?"

A murderous look flitted across Maynard's eyes.

A cold shiver ran down Viola's spine. She smartly raised her hand and made a zipper action.

Vivi proudly glanced at her and pulled Maynard's broken sleeve. "I want a princess hug, too."

Viola bent over, retching.

Hearing what she said, Maynard squinted. He raised his hand to rub Vivi's hair on the top of her head. A pampering smile played at the corners of his mouth. Looking at Viola, he gave her an undisguised dislike, "She is too fat. Her waist was injured before she was held. Now I can't carry you on my back or hug you."

Vivi's face changed. She looked terrible.

With a gloating look on her face, Viola giggled and said, "Vivi. As an experienced woman, I have been persuading you to be more optimistic. If you want to find a man, you should get the one with good kidneys."

As soon as she finished saying that, the expressions in her and Vivi's eyes, which were fixed on Maynard, became subtle at the same time.

"Good, good, very good." A crafty, evil smile appeared on Maynard's face.

When he thought he was out of his mind, Viola suddenly felt a sharp pain on her wrist. Before she could react, she was dragged out to the corridor.

When she withdrew her hand, Maynard had already returned to his room and closed the door in front of her.

Displeased, Viola strode forward and knocked on the door.

To her disappointment, Maynard didn't respond at all.

She yawned and was about to leave with her dull eyes when there was a pleasant voice in the room——

"What Please don't do that. It hurts... "

"Honey, relax. It's not the first time..."

Vivi has a whimpering sound of begging for mercy and Maynard said with a soft and enchanting voice.

As soon as she was about to go out, Viola withdrew without hesitation. Then, as if seeing thousands of bills flying in front of her, she couldn't wait to stamp her feet and ran outside to the window

She bent over the window excitedly. She reached into the room and took lots of pictures.

Crack! Crack! Crack

to the ceiling.

Viola stepped back two steps in a row, feeling extremely embarrassed.

Before she came to herself, a deep and magnetic voice came from behind, "Reporter Qi, I didn't expect that you would have such a day like other women to flatter me."

Maynard was wearing a white shirt, and leaning against the door with his hands crossed in front of his chest. A glimmer of amusement flashed across his eyes.

Viola rolled her eyes in a huff. Looking at the romantic atmosphere in front of her, she couldn't bear to look away.

"Since you seldom take the initiative, I will give you the chance." Maynard stepped into the room, as if he was performing a benefactor. He sat on a white cashmere chair with his legs crossed. With a forced smile on his cool and handsome face, he said, "Come and massage my legs."

There was a deep black cross engraved on her forehead. "Massage you bastard! I don't want to do this! "

She grabbed the blanket and the petals on it floated to the ground. But she was still indignant. She took out her phone and called the toy boy. "Victor, I'm asking you, where are you?"

She almost roared out these words.

"Miss Qi, I mistook your card number. I take the 19 number as 61. I'm sorry Please... "

It suddenly dawned on her, but Viola didn't listen to his explanation and hung up the phone. Being angry, she sat on the bed and laughed. "So now what's going on is false."

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