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   Chapter 185 Get Evidence About Affairs

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 7474

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After a few minutes, Viola went back to the villa alone by taxi. She found that there was only Earl Lan sitting in the living room, reading newspaper. And she didn't know where Jennifer and Bernard were.

"Miss Qi, come and sit here." With a decent smile, he pointed at the sofa in front of him.

Surprised and hurried to wave her hand. "If you have anything to say, just say it. You don't need to ask me to sit here."

She was in a sweat and didn't fall.

In fact, every time she saw him, she always felt that nothing good would happen.

"Take a seat. I think we can make another deal." Earl Lan turned a page of the newspapers in his hands and smiled innocently.

Hearing this, Viola had to come over and sit down. Feeling the soft sinking of the sofa, she said nervously, "Well, actually I'm not short of money recently."

"You married the prince, but you have no property." With a pitiful look in his eyes, he continued, "You can take a small salary every month. Don't you want to earn an extra 20000 or so?"

When Viola heard the first half of the sentence, she was speechless. When she heard the second half, her eyes lit up, which was engraved with a golden symbol. "What are you talking about extra money?"

There was a flash of light in the eyes of Earl Lan, but it disappeared quickly.

"You'd better get some information about the background of Vivi from the prince." Earl Lan sat straight and cut to the chase.

With hair pins in an instant, Viola moved sideways seemingly inadvertently. She propped her chin with her hand and lost in thought, very troubled. "I don't think I'll take it."

She knew how dangerous Maynard was and how wild Vivi was. As a pregnant woman, she could not afford to offend them.

"What?" Asked Earl Lan in a displeased tone.

A cold sweat began to break out on her back. Viola smiled and said, "You said you are rich and powerful. It's very easy to find a detective to investigate."

Earl Lan shook his head.

"Maybe you don't know, Vivi is wicked." Putting down the newspaper and having a sip of the coffee, Earl Lan frowned and said, "It seems that everything about her has been deliberately erased."

A bad premonition came to her. Viola shivered and swallowed hard.

looked evasive and cooked up an excuse, "I'm here to see the scenery."

"You must be out of your mind." A thin smile played at Maynard's thin lips, and his words seemed to be poisonous.

A false smile appeared on Viola's face

"You must be tired after working for me for a whole day." Maynard coaxed softly, raising the corners of his long and narrow eyes.

Hearing what he had said, Viola blurted out without thinking, "You are such a wise man. Do you want to mess with me by driving so far?"

She felt dissatisfied, just like a mountain torrent bursting in her heart. After expressing her dissatisfaction, she saw a faint smile of Maynard

Her reason instantly returned. When she realized that she had said something she shouldn't say, she felt like weeping but had no tears.

"Why do you follow me?" Maynard said with a faint smile.

As though facing a formidable enemy, Viola turned her head unconsciously. "Who's following you? I'm just hanging around."

"Really?" The smile on Maynard's face didn't decrease but increased instead.

Viola nodded immediately.

"I was going to give you a ride," After taking a deep glance at her, the smile on Maynard's face disappeared thoroughly. "Unfortunately, you won't tell me the truth," he said

Afraid that he might leave, Viola clutched the door tightly and forced a smile. "Mr. Chu, don't be so cruel. Please coax me anyway."

Maynard grinned and didn't say a word. At that moment, Viola was under lots of pressure.

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