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   Chapter 179 Burning More Paper Money

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Somehow, Viola had a bad feeling when she looked at Chol.

"I'll help you for a day, and you must cook for me for a week," He asked a waiter for a cup of coffee and made his requirement to her.

"A week?"

"Yes." With his hands clasped on the table, Chol added, "You can tell me your answer after you think it over."

When Viola thought about it for two minutes, she decided to cook the meal for seven days and choose the former to face her father's reprimand and the danger of being exposed.

She held out her hand and gritted her teeth, "Deal."

Chol held her hands and smiled innocently.

Viola thought they had reached an agreement. After pondering for a while, she asked the question that she really wanted to ask, "Can you tell me where we can meet then?"

"You should tell me first why you hire someone to pretend to be your husband." Chol responded with a fake smile.

Due to the lack of guilt, Viola's eyes began to dodge. "Well, in fact, my father has always been concerned with my marriage. This time I don't know where he heard that I got married, so he came here to see his son-in-law..."

She did not finish her sentence, but gave him a look that he understood.

"So you have to get him a son-in-law?" Chol nodded his head slowly with one hand propping his chin, "But I'm more curious about whether you're married or not."

Viola was numb on her face, but she was crying in her heart. She took a sip of water and said, "No comment."

"Well, come to my house on Saturday. I don't want to be photographed by paparazzi." Chol shrugged his shoulders and looked helpless.

Viola sensibly reached out her hand and made an "OK" gesture.

A big problem that had been settled was finally resolved. As soon as Viola got home and entered the house, she was pulled back to her room by Ann.

"You were sneaky these days. Were you so stupid as to ask Maynard for help?" Ann let go of Viola, hugged the rabbit and looked at her with doubt.

Viola suddenly had an urge to run away, but she bit the tip of her tongue and barely laughed. "Of course not. Don't worry."

"I don't think so much. It's you. Don't be silly." Ann put on a long face and said in a disappointed tone.

Viola nodded.

After Ann left, she quickly took out the household register from the drawer and recalled that every time the household register was with her, bad things would always happen

She immediately picked it up in her hand and opened the door. As she walked out, she saw Uncle Qi watching news. She handed th

playing on his computer. She turned on the TV and was about to go upstairs to turn off the computer

"Here is an emergency news for you. Flight No. 337 from A City to Z City of X Country was crashed. Total 200 passengers died."

But Viola didn't take it to heart. She turned off the TV with the remote controller.

At that moment, her cell phone rang. She took it out and pressed the answer button. At that moment, Julie's anxious voice reached her ears, "Miss Qi, something happened to our CEO. He crashed on the plane..."

Upon hearing what she said, Viola paused and hung up the phone in silence.

The next second, she rushed out of the door.

When she was waiting for a taxi outside the community, a Maybach stopped in front of her. The window was rolled down, revealing the faces of Bernard and Jennifer.

"Viola, where are you going at this late hour?" Then Jennifer got out of the car with a complicated look on her face.

Then Viola waved towards Bernard and turned to look at Jennifer and said, "I heard something happened to Mr. Chu. I'm just about to go and confirm it."

"Tomorrow." Jennifer looked rather angry and continued, "Besides, he was so bad to you. You don't have to worry about him."

With a yawn, Viola nodded sentimentally. "Yes, he is. But Vivi is so pathetic."

"Why should she be pitiful?" Jennifer still couldn't figure it out.

With a sympathetic look on her face, Viola patted Jennifer's shoulder and said, "She went together with Mr. Chu. As expected, being a mistress would bring her a bad ending."

Jennifer was speechless.

Viola turned around and went home casually, thinking about burning more paper money for Maynard

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