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   Chapter 176 That Woman Five Years Ago

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Viola turned gloomy at once. "Because you are like an adult. That's why I am like this."

"Haha." Ann mocked her directly.

Her mood suddenly turned down. She rubbed his hair and asked, "Ann, should we leave this place?"

"It doesn't matter. Tell me, which place do you want to go?" Ann asked in calm.

Taking the opportunity, Viola held him tight in her arms, rubbed him against his face, and exhorted over and over again, as if she was not at ease, "Don't hack the Chu Group. Just do it for my sake, okay?"

Ann looked at Viola with a disdainful face, but he turned his head away awkwardly. "Well, his company's system is fragile, so I have no desire to attack him. I've already dispelled this idea."

Only then did a sigh of relief go through her chest. Viola added, "Then you must be careful."

Right at this moment, the phone that had dropped on the sofa rang.

Viola received Harrison's call, and came to the hotel where he lived and handed him two thousand. "Listen to me, don't come back again."

Harrison took the money and counted with his fingers dazzled. Then he put it in his pocket and slapped himself shamefully.

Viola was frightened on the spot and stepped back a few steps. After distancing herself from him, she patted her chest, still suffering from a shock. "What are you doing?"

"Viola, it's my fault. I'm so sorry. How could I get you almost raped by a scum like Mr. Huang for the sake of money?"

Harrison said through gritted teeth. Then he slapped himself again, as if he was sincere and remorseful about what he had done after self-reflection.

Trying to suppress her desire to spit out, she covered her face with her hand and put on a false smile. "This time, you won't try to trick me into forgiving you, will you?"

"Of course not!" "I'm leaving. How can I lie to you? For Uncle Qi's sake, could you please give me the last chance? "

Looking at his serious expression, Viola hesitated for a while and finally nodded. "This will be the last time."

"Okay, okay." Harrison nodded in haste, pulled out a chair and invited her to sit down.

Viola raised her hand to fan the fan and looked around. "It's so hot here. There's no fan or other."

"The fan is broken." Harrison then took a bottle of green tea out of the fridge and said, "Come on, take s

With a sob, Vivi Xu ran out of the office with her bag.

Viola was stunned and murmured, "When did Vivi Xu become so..."


Maynard's cold eyes swept over her all of a sudden, with fury in his eyes. "Are you satisfied with it?" he asked

Viola was confused. "What?"

"You're so hypocritical. How did you get the daughter of an earl to defend you?"

Maynard took off his coat and threw it to the ground.

Viola was so angry that she rushed up to them and wanted to curse him. However, she fell on the ground before she could do anything

"Viola!" Jennifer's face turned pale and she hurried to help Viola up.

"Good play." Maynard sneered, threw away his tie, took the car key and left

When Viola woke up, it was already the noon of the next day.

"I found it!" When Bernard went to buy porridge, Jennifer held Viola up with her hand. In an angry voice, Jennifer said, "I know. Vivi Xu is the woman that Maynard has looked for five years. It's a coincidence that she's able to win a lottery."

Five years ago?

A bad guess came to mind. Viola suddenly felt sad.

At this time, Bernard came in and heaved a long sigh, "I think he really loves Vivi Xu this time. It's a pity that he has no feelings for you after you spent so many years with him. It seems that he doesn't love you at all."

Being silent for a long time, Viola was speechless.

Viola heard what Jennifer had said, so she had no choice but to tell herself Maynard has no relationship with her over and over again. She didn't to care it.

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