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   Chapter 171 Teach Your Wife A Lesson

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That night, Viola was forced to make tea for the whole night. Finally, she could not bear it any longer and was allowed to have a rest.

The next day, there was a knock at the door.

Viola was so sleepy that she turned over in bed and continued to sleep.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The quick knock on the door came one after another.

The noise was deafening, even covering her ears with her hands. Finally, she couldn't stand it any more. She lifted the quilt and angrily walked to open the door.

She was about to shout abuse, but she held it back when she saw the face of Earl Lan at the door.

Ten minutes later, Viola had finished washing and went downstairs. She paused and came to Earl Lan, who was reading a newspaper. "Uncle, may I know what I'm going to practice today?"

"Make tea, dance, pen and social etiquette." Instead of raising his head, Earl Lan only turned a page of the newspaper.

After hearing what he had said, the smile on Viola's face froze.

She had only slept for six hours before she was woken up Did she want to practice these messy skills?

Are you kidding me!

She had a wry smile on her beautiful face, and said in a proper manner, "I'm sorry. I may not have time now, because I have to go to work."

"Work?" Earl Lan looked at her suspiciously.

In an instant, a big headache came to her. When she raised her head by accident, she saw Maynard coming downstairs. She walked up to him obediently as if she was supporting him in a flattering manner. "Mr. Chu, I'm going to work today, aren't I?"

"Weren't you already fired?" After taking a deep look at her, Maynard walked around her as if nothing had happened and sat down at the table.

Trying to put a restraint on the urge to roll her eyes, Viola said kindly, "Didn't the magazine office invite me back the other day?"

"Have you decided it?"

Maynard asked in a casual way.

Viola nodded with a smile.

"Give her those classes this weekend, Earl Lan." Maynard said to Earl Lan after taking a sip of milk.

"Since you have said so, of course I have no objection." Putting down the newspaper, a dash of pity flashed through his eyes.

A slight sigh of relief escaped from Viola's chest. She went to the dining table, picked up a piece of bread and ran

ou are thinking too much... " Jennifer swallowed hard and put her arm around Viola's shoulder as she said righteously, "I'm going to a magazine office, embarking on the pinnacle of my life with her!"

Being a little further away from her, Viola had sensed a strong sense of murderous intent.

"I don't agree!" With his eyes blazing with fury, Earl Lan raised his voice and questioned, "Is she playing tricks behind my back?"

A look of disbelief came over Viola's face.

Jennifer was also confused.

There was silence in the room.

When Maynard came back and saw the scene, he frowned and asked, "What happened?"

"You're back just in time. Hurry up and discipline your wife. She goes too far." Earl Lan pointed at Viola with his trembling hand. His face turned red.

Maynard nodded to show his understanding. After taking a glance at her, he said in an indifferent tone, "Reporter Qi, come with me."

Viola complained in her heart, braced herself to follow him upstairs and into the study.

"Tell me, what have you done?" After Maynard took off his coat and casually put it on the sofa, he came to the floor to ceiling window and looked at the city's lights.

"I did nothing wrong? You have opened me from the magazine. How disgraceful it was when I left. Now if I go back, I will be more embarrassed, so I have to find another way. "

She was right, and even she herself nodded.

Maynard strode to her and put his hands around her waist, making them closer to each other.

"That's not the point..."

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