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   Chapter 169 She Was Taken For A Maid

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It revealed a lot of information!

With her eyes full of excitement, she stared at Andrew and imagined what he would do after he had robbed her and destroyed her flowers. In the end, his real face had been seen through

She secretly turned on the recording function of her phone.

Maynard frowned imperceptibly. "Earl Lan, I think you are wrong. Your daughter is not here."

Viola's words sent a chill down his spine. She cried out, "He was the one on the news. Anyone who found his daughter would be rewarded with a hundred million!"

A smile played at the corners of Maynard's mouth. "Yes," he answered

Viola ran to him and sat beside him. She bit her fingertips and entangled in a dilemma. She whispered, "I can understand his feeling, but we haven't seen his daughter. It is impossible for her to be here with us."

A faint smile played across Maynard's eyes.

"According to reliable sources, my daughter is in your house, and I must see her today!" Earl Lan took a sip of the coffee and declared.

A strange inexplicable feeling overpowered her. Viola opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Then you wait here. I have something to deal with." Maynard greeted him slightly and went upstairs to continue his work.

Viola ran upstairs, returned to the room and threw herself into the big white bed with all her strength.

After taking out her phone to delete the useless recording, she held a pillow and rolled on the bed. Suddenly, she felt powerless.

At night, the heavy rain stopped, and the sound of rain dripping on the ground came from the roof of the villa. In the meantime, the treetops were blown by wind, and countless raindrops were scattered like pearls.

At this moment, a thrilled voice came from downstairs.

Viola got up and opened the door. She ran to the corridor outside and pressed her hands against the carved fence, looking down at the scene downstairs.

"Daughter, where have you been for the past ten days? By the way, why did you get your hair cut? Why are you so thin? "

Earl Lan didn't hide his love for his daughter Jennifer.

It took her a long time to push him away. Jennifer poured him a glass of water and took a few sips, showing obvious dislike on her face. "Old man, how did y

h in the room.

"Viola, which one do you think I'm in love with?" After said that, Jennifer winked at Viola with her back turned to Earl Lan.

Viola was under a lot of pressure, and when she caught the sight of Earl Lan, she was in a cold sweat on the back. "Well Yes... "

She was racking her brains to figure it out, but she could not think of anyone to take the blame for a while

"How lively you are!" When Bernard came back, he walked past the room and whistled at Viola.

His eyes lit up. No matter what, she dragged in. "It's him!"

All of a sudden, there was a dead silence in the room.

"It's you!" Earl Lan was so angry that he picked up a vase and smashed it on the table.

With the help of Bernard, Viola agilely escaped from it.

"I don't know you. Who's that?" Bernard released her hands and blinked his eyes innocently.

The expression on the face of the old man was changing from green to dark. He rolled his eyes and fainted.

Half an hour later, after noticing someone to move Earl Lan to the sofa in the living room, Jennifer put the wet towel on his forehead.

Viola stared at Bernard and asked, "Tell me, do you have any grudge against him?"

"I don't know." Bernard said while touching his white face, "Maybe it's because I'm too beautiful that he's surprised."

A few seconds later, a look of embarrassment came over Viola's face.

"Give me the Heirloom!"

As soon as he woke up, the Earl heard the sound of Bernard and threw a towel to Bernard.

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