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   Chapter 161 Are You My Fan

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As Viola was reading through a book, she couldn't help but laugh on the sofa.

She didn't expect a man like Maynard to read such kind of book and be so serious

There was a knock on the door. Viola who was in tears of laughter barely stopped.

The smile on her face disappeared as soon as she saw the face was actually Elly.

"Miss Qi, I bought this crab this morning. It's big and fresh. Please try one."

Elly walked in with a plate of boiled crabs in her hand.

Her heart skipped a beat. With a gleam shining in her eyes, she took it over with a smile. "Thank you."

A dash of happiness flashed through Elly's eyes.

Viola placed the crab on the table casually, raised her head and shouted towards the upstairs, "Jennifer, there's a crab!"

"Where is it?" Jennifer rushed down from upstairs. At the sight of the crab, her eyes were lit up, running to the kitchen with the cab.

She didn't even cast a glance at her.

"You!" Pointing at Viola, Elly was too angry to say anything.

With a helpless look on her face, she explained, "I'm sorry, but I don't like crabs. I'm pregnant, so I can't eat them."

Elly shouted and pushed her.

It happened so fast that Viola fell down on the sofa.

When Maynard walked in and saw the scene, his face changed slightly. He walked over to her and helped her up. "Do you feel uncomfortable?" he asked

Feeling it carefully, she shook her head.

"Maynard, I..."

Elly hid her hands behind her back and bit her lower lip pitifully.

Maynard's face darkened. He stared at her with a meaningful look and said, "I don't want the same thing to happen a second time."

"I just can't bear it. The baby has been nagging you why don't you go to see her. Don't you recognize the baby as your daughter?" Tears welled up in her eyes.

"I will go to see her tomorrow." Maynard frowned.

Seeing that Elly stopped talking and then left unwillingly, Viola felt quite annoyed. "Mr. Chu, could you stop having so many love affairs?"

'If I really had eaten the crab...'

"As the wife of Maynard, it's you who should stop these women." Maynard cast a casual glance at her and called a family doctor.

Viola rolled her eyes and said: "Yes, you are right. All you need to do is to be handsome and rich."

Maynard ag

up to him, "Big star, please help me with my signature."

With his beautiful eyes rolling slowly, he changed a comfortable sleeping posture and said, "So you are also my fan. Tell me, have you been peeping at me for several years?"

Viola's hands clenched, giggling. She raised her fist with a false smile, "Sign or not?"

"I will sign it for the sake that you are fired." He was wearing a forced smile.

The expression on Viola's face suddenly froze as if she had been hit by tens of thousands of arrows in the chest.

He took the pen and paper from her hand and signed his name. Then he covered his mouth and yawned.

She put the baby into her bag after the inspection and was about to leave

"Wait!" He raised his eyebrows and stopped her. "Are you not going to cook for me?"

Viola didn't look back. She slammed the door as she walked forward.

Out of the community, she checked the time on the mobile phone screen, then she called a taxi to the hospital.

When she came to the door of Zarian's ward and heard the noise inside, she stopped at once——

"Zarian, I and aunt have found out the owner of the car who crashed you. She is the daughter Elly of the Xia Group." An angry voice and a smashing sound were heard from Ivy. "She just hit Viola by a car. Why do you meddle in it?"

When she heard the name Elly, Viola was shocked and her nails pierced into the palms of her hands, but she didn't notice it.

After hearing the footsteps, she went to the ward of the little girl with a pale face.

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