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   Chapter 159 Pregnant

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"Yes, Viola is my sister. You married her, not my brother-in-law, so what?" Harrison said confidently.

All of a sudden, Maynard's face turned cold and his sharp eyes fell on Viola.

"Come with me." He took her by the wrist and pulled her into the next quiet meeting room.

As soon as she heard the door close, Viola's heart beat fast in her chest. She opened her mouth with difficulty, "Mr. Chu..."

"How did he know our relationship?" Maynard's eyes sparkled.

When the name "Elly" appeared in Viola's mind, she almost wanted to say something, but she still chose to remain silent.

A light flashed across Maynard's eyes. He pushed her to the floor to ceiling window and threw his tall figure over her. "Is it a premeditated plan for your marriage with me?" he asked

Viola was pressed between the glass and him, and she struggled uncomfortably. "Yes, can you let go of me?"

Hardly had her voice faded away, a pair of warm hands picked up her face, and a handsome face slowly enlarged in her eyes

The soft touch on her lips made her confused.

"You don't have the guts." Maynard whispered in her ear.

She raised her head and tried to hit him, but her lips were clasped behind her back, and she could do nothing but watch him taste her lips again

After being taken advantage of, Viola's red flame was still in a trance, and she was led by Maynard to the CEO's office.

She had a red face and swollen lips. One could easily guess what was going on at first glance.

There was a flash of jealousy and hate in Elly's eyes.

"Brother in law, have you made any decision yet?" Harrison sat cross legged on the sofa and said casually, "For the sake of Viola, how much does he pay me?"

Speaking of money, his eyes rolled like a thief.

When she came back to her senses, she heard those words. Just as she was about to take action, Maynard held her down and made a phone call on the office table.

After hanging up the phone, fifteen tall and strong, expressionless bodyguards came in one after another, and surrounded Harrison in a circle at the same time.

"Brother in law, what are you doing?" He was so frightened that he fell down from the sofa and trembled.

"I hate it when others tried to take advantage of my relatives." Maynard gave one of the bodyguards a look.

The bodyguard took out a knife and threw it on the table, but it accurately stabbed in the feet of Harrison. The knife was still shaking out

ynard asked her to have an abortion?

"Viola, I have told you that you can't go out. Hurry up and go back with me."

After a short while, Jennifer ran after her with great anxiety and worry on her face.

At this moment, the door was opened and Maynard walked out. The moment he saw her, a mixture of complex emotions flashed through his eyes.

"Have you heard everything?" He asked expressionlessly.

Viola nodded her head slowly. Her crystal like eyes met his, "Are you serious about what you said just now?"

"Yes." Maynard opened his thin lips slightly.

Viola nodded again and then went back to the villa as if nothing had happened.

At the hospital, Jennifer taught Maynard a good lesson and sent her delicious food every day.

Yet she was confused about what she was thinking.

But when people who knew about the situation thought they had an abortion, they didn't take any actions.

On the contrary, Maynard was very busy in the past few days, and he didn't even go to the hospital.

Seven days passed in a row. Elly walked in with some words in her hand, both in white and black. "Come on, sign the operation agreement," she said in an arrogant tone

After reading it and noticing that it was a letter of intent from a crowd of people, she crumpled the paper and asked, "Did Maynard ask you to bring it here?"

"Of course." Crossing her arms over her chest, she raised her chin slightly and said, "Hurry up. Don't waste our time."

Viola took a long breath, held the pen and almost signed her name. Suddenly, the door opened from the outside and the operation agreement in her hand was taken away.

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