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   Chapter 157 Give You Twenty Million Dollars

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Trying to restrain herself from bursting into laughter, Viola twitched her mouth and said, "You used to even refuse a cab? How come you are willing to buy a ticket to come here now? "

"I have a rich sister like you. Why should I be afraid?" With great generosity on his face, Harrison lewdly kissed the beauty in his arms.

Viola shivered and almost fell down, "What do you mean by a rich sister? Make it clear right now! "

When Harrison was about to speak, the beautiful woman in his arms blinked and pulled his sleeve and acted like a spoiled child. "Honey, I'm hungry. I want to eat French cuisine."

Viola quickly got rid of the goose bumps.

"No problem!" Harrison's hands groaned on the waitress. As a matter of course, he looked at Viola and said, "Sister, lead the way and pay the bill."

It was such a horrible scene!

Sitting next to the window of the restaurant, Viola covered her face with the menu all the time, trying to hide her existence.

However, a disgusting voice came to her ears.

"Honey, try this."

The sexy beauty cut a slice of steak and fed it to Harrison. Her face broke into a big smile.

Harrison opened his mouth and then fed the beauty with his eyes. "Joyce, eat more. My mom said if a woman is fat, she will have a son."

Behind the menu came a complicated look from Viola. She leaned her head out of the menu to watch her brother and his girlfriend show their affection for each other in front of her. It cost her money of half a year. She felt disgusted.

She took a deep breath and took out her cell phone to log in her QQ. She helplessly wrote on her QQ account, "I am a journalist, needing a job."

"Ding Dong!"

Within two seconds, her cellphone rang to inform her that she had received a QQ message. She clicked it on and found that a friend who called "You will become famous sooner or later" sent a message to her: "The Dong Chang (eunuch organization) needs someone like you."

On hearing that, Viola almost went mad, and was displeased at once. She quickly sent a text to Simon: "I can understand your needs, but why the Dong Chang?"

She was so angry that she blacklisted him.


The sudden voice startled Jean so much that her hand shivered. The cellphone slipped from her hand to the ground.

Harrison slapped the table and stood up. His loud voice shocked all the guests in the restau

not womanly face. Then, he touched the mole at the corner of his eye, and said, "You don't need to know who I am, but you, a person who threatens others to get money, are you so shameless to spend money? You are not as good-looking and bad as me. Those who fall in love with you will be blind! "

Glancing at him, Viola blamed him, "What truth are you talking about?"

He put on his sunglasses again.

Joyce held her cheeks with hands, eyelashes quivering, her eyes red, and stared at him blatantly.

"Harrison, I met my Mr. right. I want to break up with you." Joyce picked up the bag from the chair and put a piece of paper into Chol's clothes, "Ask me out when you're free."

She threw him a kiss and went away.

Harrison rushed out after her, but unfortunately he stumbled on the chair and fell onto the ground with his face covered with mud.

It was a little uneasy to look at him.

"I'm crossed in love. Please take me in!" "None of the women in the world doesn't appreciate vanity," he continued, grabbing cherry by her sleeve and shedding crocodile like tears

Viola tilted her head and winked quizzically, "Oh, I don't know you."

As she said, she tried to pull back the corner of her clothes.

"I'm sorry. I was obsessed with you. Please forgive me." Harrison kept on apologizing.

Viola folded her arms across her chest and smiled.

"If you don't forgive me, I'll call your father and tell him that you make my wife fall in love with another man and fall in love with your friend."

Seeing her unmoved, Harrison stomped and mentioned her father.

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