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   Chapter 156 Should I Have A DNA Test

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Viola could not help but touch her face, and asked anxiously, "Mr. Chu, is there anything on my face?"

Maynard smiled without saying a word, and continued to look at her with a subtle gaze that could easily mislead people to misunderstand her.

A cold wind kept blowing from her back, and her legs were inexplicably weak. She pretended to be calm and said, "Mr. Chu, the staff in your company needs you. Please go back and preside over the overall situation."

"Okay, but..." Hearing that, Maynard squinted at her with a faint smile. Without hesitation, he pulled her right hand and pushed the ring into her slender and white ring finger.

Viola desperately tried to withdraw her hand, but it was useless. The cold touch from her ring finger made her angrily stare at him. "But what?"

"You go with me."

With a poker face, Maynard put his hands on her slender waist.

She was half pushed and half pulled out of the door. Reluctantly, she struggled with her hands and said: "I won't go with you. I'm very busy."

"Mr. Chu, you haven't paid the bill yet."

With a reluctant smile on her face, the waitress opened her hands and blocked their way.

After a while, Maynard released her hand and winked at Julie.

Julie passed the pen and a blank check to her.

At the moment when Maynard took the ring, Viola put it in his suit pocket, ran out, hailed a taxi and left.

After hesitating for a second, she took a deep breath and ran upstairs.

She opened the door and saw that Ann was sitting on the sofa with a laptop on his knees and typing on the keyboard flexibly

She walked to his side and stooped to sit down. However, just before she sat down on the sofa, Ann said without looking up, "Mommy, you are hiding such a big thing from me."

On reflex, Viola stood up and turned to sit on the sofa opposite to her, holding her cheeks with her hands, with a pitiful look. "Ann, I was wrong."

Ann replied with a "yes" and his face was serious. "What did you do wrong?"

She touched her nose guiltily and tried to struggle. "I shouldn't have found out that someone looks like you but hide it from you."

Upon hearing her words, Ann paused for a while. He leaned his back against the sofa and looked at her with his eyes filled with disappointment. Then, he asked, "Do you think I should ask him for a DNA test

and asked, "Hello?"

"Pick up at the airport in twenty minutes."

A man yelled over the phone.

Viola's ears were humming and almost deaf.

She silently took the phone a little further away and frowned again. "I don't know you, thank you."

When she was about to hang up the phone, a deafening voice came through from the phone again at this critical moment. "Silly girl, I'm your brother!"

Viola dazed for a while and lowered her voice deliberately. "You have dialed the wrong number."

As soon as she finished speaking, she was about to hang up the phone

"Viola, I know where your home is. Don't force me to tell my mom!"

He angrily and quickly hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, Viola went crazy. She took several deep breaths and then went to the airport reluctantly.

She looked around and suddenly fixed her eyes on a man and a woman in the southeast.

The man's face was shaved clean, and his hair was combed back with a large amount of hair gel. He was wearing a suit, but he looked funny in it

But he was her brother with different father and mother

The expression on Viola's face changed frequently. Looking at him holding a hot woman in his arms and kissing each other, she almost suspected that there was something wrong with her eyes.

After she wiped the tears twice, she suddenly walked up to him with a sense of sadness and said, "Brother, why are you here?"

Harrison looked at her and straightened his body, then went back soon. "You don't know anything about this place, so I come here to see you."

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