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   Chapter 152 What Were You Talking About Five Years Ago

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Viola hurriedly turned around and tidied up her clothes, which were wrinkled and slightly open. Her face was extremely embarrassed.

"Hey, Miss Lan, mind your own business," A cold and gloomy expression was shown on Maynard's face.

"What!" She looked at him in disbelief. "I'm her friend. Of course I'll take her side."

A warm feeling rose in Viola's heart. Noticing the gloomy expression on Maynard's face, she pulled Jennifer behind her and hurriedly winked at her.

Jennifer shut her mouth immediately.

With a bright smile on her face, Viola ran over to the sofa and patted it fawningly, making a gesture of invitation. "Mr. Chu, please sit down."

A faint smile flitted across Maynard's eyes. He walked over and sat down seriously.

Viola gave him a shoulder massage and said with a flattering smile, "Mr. Chu, no matter how many women you have outside, I have no objection to it at all."

Jennifer was stunned and almost dropped her jaw.

"Are you sure?" Maynard squinted his eyes, in danger.

Viola didn't notice the change. She kept nodding her head and massaged the wound very hard. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Okay! Good! Okay! " Maynard burst into fury and uttered three "great" in succession.

She stood up and slammed the door.

"Mr. Chu, please don't go..." Viola seethed in embarrassment and fell on the sofa, stretching out her hand

The next day, Viola came to the periodical office. She found that her things had been packed and put into a paper box.

She had a bad feeling at the sight of this.

"Here you are." Stephanie pushed her glasses up her nose, came over to her and spread out her hands. "Give me your press ID."

At the thought of this, Viola put her hands on her handbag out of instinct. With difficulty, she asked, "What do you mean, chief editor?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that you were fired." Stephanie patted her head and said seriously.

Viola was so surprised that she was unable to speak for a long time.

The people around them looked at each other, and burst into shrill laughter.

Coming back to her senses from the danger, she looked at the box on the table, "You said I was fired, why?"

"I don't know. But I'm just following orders." Stephanie said carelessly as she looked at her carefully colored finger.

Upon hearing that, Viola became so indignant. She quickly ran to Maynard's office and knock

"I'm wondering if you can give me a chance to chase you again when my leg recovers?"

There was a imperceptible expectant look in Zarian's eyes.

Upon hearing this, Viola's hand shivered and almost knocked over the vase. She held the flowers tightly in her arms and forced a smile. "Get well first..."

"Why are you here?" Amy Qi opened the door and came in. Her face suddenly darkened. "You are such a jinx. Don't ever get involved with my son."

Viola's shoulders trembled. She cleared her throat and was about to say something when Zarian interrupted her. He said with determination, "Mom, I don't want anyone except her."

"You!" Said Aunt Qi, patting her chest with anger.

A mixed feeling rose in Viola's heart.

"Come with me." Ivy rushed in, pulled her to the corridor ten meters away, and then shook her hand off.

Viola gently rubbed her wrist and held the bunch of lily flowers in her hand. She could smell the fragrance of the flowers.

"From now on, don't contact with Zarian." Ivy said in a serious and cold tone. "Otherwise, don't blame me to send the only surveillance video, on which you and Maynard got into a room together five years ago and left one after another, to Zarian."

Upon hearing this, Viola trembled and couldn't move at all as if she had been hit at a dead spot.

"What did you say five years ago?" Maynard's voice as elegant as cello was heard from behind.

Ivy ran as fast as she could.

As for Viola, he saw the panic in her eyes and she began to tremble. If she remembered correctly, the little girl was also in this hospital

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