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   Chapter 151 What Do You Mean By 'Red Hat'

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Viola crouched down in a corner, wrapped her arms around her knees, and stayed in the hospital for a whole night. No matter how merciful the doctors and nurses were, she was not willing to leave.

She didn't sleep last night so there were two big dark circles under her eyes. She looked very haggard.

"Get up." As soon as the door of the ward was opened, Ivy walked up to her and kicked her. "Zarian wants to see you."

As soon as she heard the name, Viola's unfocused eyes began to gather again. She leaned against the wall and stood up. However, because she had stood for a whole night, her legs were numb, and it was unbearable to be tired and numb when she moved a little.

She clenched her teeth and stretched her legs with great difficulty.

"Let me warn you. Before Aunt Qi left at midnight, she told me that she must keep this fact from Zarian. He might be unable to stand up all his life." Ivy looked down at her with her eyes full of resentment.

After hesitating for a while, Viola finally nodded.

She walked into the ward and saw Zarian lying on the bed. His face was pale and his nose was sore. "Zarian, how are you?"

"I'm all right. My leg isn't that heavy, but my mom said it would recover soon." Sitting on the bed, Zarian smiled gently.

Sitting on the chair, she lowered her head to hold back the tears that was about to burst out. "Zarian, thank you for saving me..."

However, she might not be able to repay this kindness in the rest of her life.

"Don't mention it. Even if he is just an ordinary person, I will help him." "About what happened yesterday, were you scared?"

Viola shook her head like a rattle drum and held his hand. Her tears dropped and wetted the white sheet.

"You've grown up. Why are you still crying like a child?" With a helpless look, Zarian gently wiped away her tears.

She looked away shyly and sniffed. "I'm so happy to see you wake up."

"You naughty girl..." Upon hearing that, Zarian's hands froze. He didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "Are you crying for joy?"

When thinking of his legs, Viola felt guilty and guilty. Against her will, she nodded, "Okay, you must have a good rest. I'll come to see you as soon as I have time."

"Okay." Zarian chuckled.

Only then did a sigh

me, where did you go last night?" Maynard pressed the position near his temple. His voice was hoarse and deep.

"I was busy last night."

"Huh." Maynard lifted the quilt, with a bath towel at his waist, and walked down. His bronze skin was exposing his eight abdominal muscles.

And he was approaching her step by step.

"I waited for you the whole night yesterday."

Viola stepped back out of instinct. She felt nervous as the tall and slender figure was getting closer and closer to her.

Suddenly, she said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "You said you would wait for me for a whole night and spend the night with another woman?"

"Reporter Qi, are you jealous?" Maynard sneered and trapped her between the wall and himself.

Upon hearing what he said, she denied, "No, I'm not."

The next second, her slender wrist was gripped and pressed against the wall above her head. Her chin was lifted by a slightly cold hand. "Do you dare to look into my eyes again?"

However, as she struggled with great strength, her strength and strength were grasped more tightly. She thought of the scene that Zarian was still in hospital and stared at his Obsidian eyes, pretending to be calm. "I didn't eat HMM... "

Her word was stopped by his kiss.

She could do nothing but instinctively struggle to express her dissatisfaction.

When Jennifer saw the scene in front of her, she was so angry that she ran up to the two men and pulled them away. Glaring at Maynard, she said, "Do you want to betray?"

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