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   Chapter 150 I Have Something To Tell You

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When Viola bent down to pick up the phone, the bathroom door was opened from the outside with a click.

"It's you." A dash of surprise flashed through Maynard's eyes.

Everyone could easily guess that the sound of the mobile phone dropping on the ground had been heard.

She couldn't help clenching her phone, her chest out, raised her head and said, "I just want to go to the bathroom. Is that allowed?"

Maynard stared at her with a mysterious expression for two seconds.

Trying to suppress the surging anger in her heart, she bypassed his tall figure and walked out of the bathroom.

"Ah, why are you here?" Pretending to be surprised, Elly covered her mouth with her hand and came close to Maynard. "I didn't expect you to have a habit of eavesdropping," she said

Trying not to roll her eyes, a big smile hung on her beautiful face. Viola said: "I don't understand what you are talking about."

"You!" Elly almost lost her temper.

As if she didn't see, Viola flicked her seaweed like long hair, pointed to the door behind her and said: "If there is nothing else, I have to go."

As soon as she took one step forward, her shoulder was held by a warm and powerful hand.

She turned her head and saw that it was Maynard. She was used to it, so she didn't show too much surprise on her face.

"Maynard." Elly's face changed as she spoke, and the way she looked at Viola became unfriendly.

"Elly, you go out first." Maynard looked at her with an expressionless face.

"No, no, No. I want to have dinner with you." Elly grabbed a corner of his shirt, pouting like a spoiled child.

"Be a good girl." Maynard gave her an impatient look and said in a harsh tone unconsciously.

Biting her lower lip, Elly walked out of the room unwillingly when she found that Maynard was getting colder and colder.

Viola clapped away the big hand on her body, turned around and tilted her head in confusion. "Mr. Chu, do you think it's funny to do that?"

"You heard what I said just now." Maynard stared at her in an instant.

With a guilty conscience, Viola looked away uncomfortably and lowered her eyelids. "Yes, I heard it. Do you want to kill her to keep the secret?"

"I have a deal with you, so it's unnecessary." Maynard approached her and looked at her with his dark eyes.

Being speechless, Viola could only put on a false smile.


"Did you hear what she said? Get out of my room!" Ivy said word by word, gritting her teeth.

Viola bit her lower lip and stared blankly at the emergency room.

At this moment, the word "emergency" disappeared and the nurse pushed Zarian out.

Viola tried her best to push Ivy away and ran to the doctor. "Doctor, how is he?"

Aunt Qi pushed her away and said anxiously, "Doctor, my son will be fine, won't he?"

Viola then lost her balance, broke the high heel, and fell awkwardly to the ground.

The doctor winked at the paramedics. After he was pushed into the ward, he took off his mask. "He was hit on his legs by a car. He is likely to spend the rest of his life on a wheelchair."


Viola supported herself by the wall and got to her feet. She was shocked by the doctor's words.

Aunt Qi almost fainted.

"Viola, you can destroy him!" Ivy reached out and held Aunt Qi up. When she found that she was not injured, she strode to her and grabbed her clothes. "He is such a proud man, but he became like that because of you!"

There was blood coming out from her lip as she gnawed on it with her little teeth. After a while, Viola said, " I want to see him... "

"It's unnecessary!" Aunt Qi interrupted her. "He knew he wanted to see you after he woke up. He wouldn't like to see you!"

This word hit her like a heavy hammer on her chest.

She froze and couldn't move.

When they entered the ward, they saw Viola tired, squatting in the hallway and choking with sobs

Her phone was ringing inside her handbag, but she didn't notice it

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