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   Chapter 149 Take Advantage Of Her

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As soon as the parent's meeting was over, Viola rushed to the bathroom. When she got home, she found that Ann opened the box and a rabbit with fluffy hair jumped over his shoulder.

Viola walked over and asked naughtily, "Son, how to cook rabbit meat?"

"Mommy, are you sure you're not looking for trouble?" Ann glanced at her blankly.

Viola chuckled and hurried to change the subject, "This is a gift for you. Do you like it?"

"The same as you, stupid." Ann held the rabbit in his arms and killed it without mercy.

Putting her hand over her heart, Viola put on a sad look and said, "You hurt me and laughed over it..."

"Don't call me Mommy until you go crazy."

Ann rolled his grape like eyes up, took the white rabbit in his arms and walked in front, patting it from time to time.

Viola sniggered. It was rare to see him like animals so much.

Suddenly, Ann stopped ahead.

"Mommy, give me your phone. I'll call the police."

Startled, she forced a smile. "Why?"

Did the law sue her for rabbit meat? Is it a family dinner?

"Around five o'clock at night, we are followed by a group of human traffickers," Ann took a glance at that direction calmly and pretended to be invisible.

Viola followed her eyes and was frightened by what she saw. She ran to her quickly and said, "What are you doing here, Jennifer?"

She was upset and her face turned pale little by little.

She didn't expect that the scene she saw just now was run in front of her. Everybody who had seen them would recognize that they looked like each other at first glance

"Well, I just passed by." When she came to her senses, Jennifer touched her head sheepishly and asked, "Who is he?"

Turning around, Viola found that Ann was standing behind her.

Suddenly, a sense of powerlessness came over her. She sighed and said, "I'll tell you later."

It was not until Viola saw Ann enter the rented house that she turned to another person and implored with her eyes full of anxiety, "Jennifer, please keep it a secret for me."

"Is he your and Maynard's kid?" Puzzled, she asked, "He doesn't know?"

Hearing that, Viola's face changed slightly. All of a sudden, she grasped her hand and was about to kneel down. "I don't want Maynard to know that. I'm begging

the Chu Group

When she was still puzzled, she had no idea and was taken away by Bernard.

"Well, those two companies are the two dandies who spoke rudely to Elly that day. Well, how brutal Maynard is!" Bernard shook his head with a complicated look on his face.

A cold shiver ran down her spine. Fearing that she would be revenged by Maynard, she ran to the periodical office, opened the door of his office, went over and closed the door at the same time. She checked around, but she didn't find anyone inside.

Just as Viola was about to leave, she turned around and heard the arguing between Maynard and Elly outside. She, by some chance, hid herself into the office's bathroom and closed the door quietly.

At this moment, Elly said in an unwilling voice, "Maynard, why do you want to marry Viola? Obviously, your father is not satisfied with her. He even repeatedly advised you to divorce and marry the daughter of Earl Lan."

"I have my own plan."

Maynard said in a quiet voice. Obviously, he didn't want to say anything more.

"Are you in love with Viola?" Elly's voice suddenly became sharp.

"No, I'm just using her. I don't want anyone to think about you and your daughter," Maynard said and took a sip of the coffee, the strong and bitter taste of which permeated his mouth.

"You're so kind to us," Elly added

After hearing their conversation, Viola stepped back in disbelief. She subconsciously put her hand into her pocket, which accidentally dropped the mobile phone inside

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