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   Chapter 147 Thank You For What You Did Last Night

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"A man?" Hearing Maynard's words, Elly's face turned red with anger. With a messy chicken nest on her head, she stretched out her index finger and pointed at Jennifer angrily. "She's female from head to toe!"

It was such a surprise that Viola blurted out, "How do you know?"

As soon as she finished, she immediately covered her mouth.

"Humph!" With a groan, Elly continued, "A week ago, she grabbed the same dress from me in the shopping mall and almost tore it down."

A chill went through Viola's body. She saw that Maynard's face suddenly turned as cold as ice. Swallowing her saliva with difficulty, she forced a smile and said, "I'm sure that Elly must have mistaken Jennifer for somebody else. He has a twin sister."

"What the hell!" Patting the table heavily, she laughed in fury, "She has no Adam's apple. What's more, her breast is bigger than a man's. How did you look at her in that way?"

Hearing her voice, Viola turned to look at Jennifer.

It turned out to be that Jennifer was too small to fit her, so the physical characteristics of women were revealed.

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched. She covered her face silently.

"Don't you want to explain to us?" Maynard said with a half smile on his face, and his narrow and long Phoenix eyes squinted dangerously.

"I just knew that too," said Viola, with a worried look on her face

"Really?" Maynard said, raising his thin lips slowly.

She grabbed Jennifer's hand and pulled her to one side. Then she opened her eyes and lied, "Jennifer, you're a girl. Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

She winked at her for two seconds when she was surprised to see her.

"I'm sorry..." There was a sudden inspiration flashing in her eyes. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed, "I was kicked out of the villa and I had no friends or boyfriend. I was wandering on the street and always needed food to eat. As a girl, I had to pretend to be a boy in order to protect myself..."

"You are so pathetic." Maynard said ironically, with his eyes broken.

"You are going to die!" "Even if you don't have the money, you can still go to the mall. How could you deceive me?" Elly retorted

Viola hugged Jennifer, crying like a child as she wiped her tears. "She's so miserable now, but you still go too far in treating her like this."

Jennifer's lips trembled, and she patted Tin

nnifer lowered her voice, with an expression of sympathy on her face, "Think positively and ignore him."

"Hey, Reporter Qi, come here to have lunch, or your salary will be deducted if you are late." Maynard opened his eyes. His dark Obsidian eyes, which were as attractive as whirlpools, fell down.

Viola was boiling with anger. She ran towards him, grabbed the yoghurt from his hand and took a sip. "I'm late because you forced me to be on one knee with you last night!"

It's worse that you can't even type a word on the computer screen when you kneel down!


Shocked, Elly let go of her hand and the knife and fork fell to the ground, making a very clear sound.

"Even a couple can share difficulties together." Maynard said calmly as he wiped his cold lips with a napkin.

Viola put down the cup heavily and said angrily, "Why don't you share the same happiness?"

"Reporter Qi, I'm doing this for your own good." Maynard crossed his legs and stared at her grimly. "No one would be better than you if you have a hard time."

Upon hearing this, Viola was so angry that she wanted to laugh at him.

"Viola, please forgive him." In order to make Viola feel better, Jennifer continued, "There are few men who are so considerate for you. What he said is quite reasonable."

Viola grabbed his tie and forced him to get close to her. "He's not my ideal type at all," she said with a wry smile

"Then who do you like?" Maynard's face, which looked like the weather in June, suddenly turned gloomy.

Viola made a gesture of money without hesitation.

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