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   Chapter 146 Kneel On The Washboard Or On The Keyboard

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Hearing this, Viola rushed forward and grabbed his cell phone, regardless of the consequence. She hung up the phone and put the cell phone on his hand.

She rolled her eyes at him. "I don't care. It's not a big deal."

"I think you should know what to do." Maynard raised his eyebrows and gave a meaningful smile.

Gritting her teeth, Viola held Jennifer's hand and said, "Come with me."

As soon as she finished saying that, Maynard's hand, which had been wrenched apart from their clasped hands, was pressed on the table behind them.

"You are my wife. I won't allow it." With a frosty face, Maynard picked up her chin with his slender hand and kissed her hard when she was stunned.

Viola's mind went blank and her eyes were blurred as if she had been absent-minded for nine days.

"Wow Wow!"

Followed by a sound of exclamation, followed by a whistled of Bernard's pleasure.

Coming back to her senses, with all her strength, she pushed the man on her away and instinctively raised her hand to wipe her mouth. "Maynard!"

Maynard's thin lips curled into a defiant smile.

Clenching her fists, Viola strode forward, grabbed his collar, stood on tiptoe and bit his chin.

"Honey, don't be so naughty." Maynard put his arms around her slender waist and stroked her hair gently and lovingly.

The goose bumps all over her body dropped to the ground. She slapped away the hands that were rubbing on her head and glared at him. "Stay away from me."

Maynard smiled, but said nothing. In an indifferent manner, he took a tissue and wiped the saliva from his face.

"Anyway, why are you angry?" Bernard got closer to Viola and hit her shoulder with his shoulder.

Viola snorted coldly and said with a look of complaint, "Mr. Chu didn't allow me to share a room with my friend."

With a slight smile, Bernard took a look at the girl beside him and stretched out his arms to encircle her neck. "I will sleep in the same room with him. We are men anyway."

Viola was confused. She took a deep breath, pretended to be calm and anxiously pulled them away. "Don't be impulsive. There must be other ways."

She couldn't imagine the scene that a woman and a man lived in the same room.

"Maynard, what do you think?"

Pulling a chair to sit down, Bernard crossed his arms and kicked the ball to the icy man next to him.

Maynard's cold and deep eyes rested on Viola for a second, and then he nodded very soon.

With her eyes twitching fiercely, Viola could not

and in a blink of an eye, she fell on the bed, with someone on top of her.

Viola was suddenly out of breath. She was shocked and angry. "Get off me, or I will really shout it out!"

"Scream, I like to hear your voice." Maynard touched her black hair with his warm and slender finger, and a ray of subtle light flashed in the bottom of his eyes. "I wonder what your little lover would think if she heard that."

With her eyes wide open, she cried out, "You!"

"Honey, be a good girl." Maynard moved his fingertips between her soft hair. While squinting cheerfully, he slowly approached her with his angular thin lips

She was so scared that she closed her eyes.


The expected kisses did not fall, but she heard the shrill screams downstairs, ruined the ambiguous atmosphere.

Maynard cursed in a low voice.

Her body was covered by a quilt. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find that Maynard had left her body.

When they went downstairs, they found that there was Elly in the living room, who had never been there. They grabbed the other's hair and kicking each other.

"If you hit me again, get out!" Maynard crossed his arms over his chest, and his magnetic voice was always deafening.

It was too intimidating. The two men fighting each other stopped at the same time.

With an impatient look on his face, Maynard pulled her into his arms and said in a cold voice, "Reporter Qi, did you see that? A man who beat a woman like you really can't do that. "

Hearing his words, Jennifer was speechless

Viola rolled her eyes and said grudgingly, "Compared with what you have done to me, what she did is nothing."

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