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   Chapter 143 Only Elly's Baby Is A Treasure

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Viola had been waiting alone for a long time in the villa. Now she was so tense that she couldn't do anything.

At about 7 o'clock in the evening, the door of the villa was opened from the outside. Seeing that Maynard had come back from the crack, she walked over in a hurry and asked, "Mr. Chu, how is the baby?"

Maynard looked at her up and down, and his eyes were straight and unwilling.

Being gazed at by Simon, Joyce felt quite uneasy. She could not help clenching the corner of her clothes, but dared not look into his eyes.

"It's none of your business." Maynard's eyes were as sharp as a knife. He passed her and went straight forward.

Viola reached out and grabbed the hem of his clothes, but he shook her off violently. She staggered and almost fell to the ground.

"From now on, stay away from my baby." Maynard approached her and warned her coldly and ruthlessly.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Viola drew back her neck and took two steps to keep a distance that made her feel dangerous. "I didn't push the baby. It was caused by Elly's carelessness. If you don't believe me, you can go to see the surveillance..."

But he stopped before he could finish his words.

She could not help but feel aggrieved as Maynard pinched her chin violently. He was so powerful that she felt as if her jaw would be broken by his grip.

Viola's face was so pale that she was too painful to say anything.

"Stop lying!" Maynard's face turned deathly pale, and the cold light shone coldly and frighteningly in his eyes. He sneered ironically, "Do you think a mother will hurt her own child?"

Viola's body trembled and her fair face was covered with sweat. She realized that he would not believe her from the beginning to the end. She opened her mouth but finally said nothing?

Seeing her like this, Maynard loosened his grip in frustration.

"By the way, I have already removed the surveillance camera in the villa!" Maynard sneered at him. "Right now, no matter what you say, you can't prove it. I only believe what I saw with my own eyes."

She looked up and did find that the surrounding camera had disappeared. She smiled bitterly in an almost invisible way.

The air conditioner on Maynard's body intensified, and his clear facial profile was tight.

At this time, the mobile phone in the pocket of his suit rang. He took it out and pressed the answer key while walking upstairs. "Okay, Miss Xia. I'll be there later."

Standing t

vicious look, "The baby ate your food and suffered from diarrhea. Bernard told me it was you."

Suffer from diarrhea?

A hundred excuses failed to justify herself.

Maynard approached slowly with a cold look in his eyes. After coming to herself, Viola wrapped her arms around her clothes with all her strength, and asked warily, "What are you doing?"

"Since you're so nosy, why not give birth to a baby for us?" A flame of fury burnt in Maynard's eyes but he laughed. He pressed her against the wall and lowered his head like an angry Beast.

Little enough to bear, Viola slapped him in the face, and pushed him away with all her strength. She said angrily, "You treat her baby as a treasure. Does my baby matters? Why! "

With his hands crossed over his chest, a drop of water fell from his handsome face. He moved his lower part, while his eyes were as cold as ice.

Under such an eye, she was fearless.

Everyone had a scale on his or her own scale. She could bear whatever kind of torture he or she would give to her, but she didn't want her child to be involved in.

"For what?" Maynard got a slap in the face. With a cold smile, his eyes full of malice, he bent over his body again and said, "You're right. Even if you have a child, I will make your child disappear from the world!"

When her back of the head hit the cold wall, she felt a dull pain and was frightened by Maynard's words.

She tried her best to push him away, but her hands were grasped by one of Maynard's hands above her head as soon as she moved.

Maynard's injured hand rubbed the wound on her body by accident.

Biting her lower lip in pain.

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