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   Chapter 141 Has She Become The Other Woman

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To avoid more unpleasant things, Viola eventually returned to the villa.

Seeing the door of the living room open, she was stunned for a moment. Then she awkwardly walked in.

She saw Maynard and Elly sitting on the sofa. When Maynard passed a glass of honey water to her, she stopped walking.

As soon as she raised her head, she saw Maynard. Her face changed slightly. Leaning against Maynard's body like a dodder flower without a bone, she said, "Maynard, do I feel dizzy because I drank too much wine?"

"Drink the honey water." Maynard frowned.

"I've had one. I'm full." She asked softly.

"Be a good girl." Maynard pursed his lips and said unhappily, "Don't act like a baby."

Hearing this, Viola was stiff and coughed gently. "Two, what do you want to do at night? It's good for everyone."

When Maynard turned his head back to look at her, he got rid of Elly's grip and strode towards her with his long and straight legs. He stretched his hand to touch her cheek.

Viola turned her head and avoided his touch.

"Don't overthink about it. She has drunk a lot before and needs to be sobered up." Maynard withdrew his hand leisurely, while a tinge of darkness flashed across his eyes.

There was a polite and alienated smile on her face. "You don't have to explain to me. Just do what you want. I will sleep in the guest room tonight."

She passed him and went upstairs directly. The smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

Anyway, they slept on the same bed, so it was unnecessary to wrong herself since she was injured.

"Is she angry?" With these thoughts in her mind, Elly took a sip of the honey water in her hands, with the corners of her mouth rising slightly.

Maynard turned around and looked at her in silence.

"Mr. Maynard, the camera in the villa was demolished by Bernard. He said that he didn't like to live under the cameras." When the Butler came out from the bathroom, he suddenly remembered something.

Maynard raised his head and saw that the cameras in every corner of the restaurant had disappeared without a trace. In a gloomy voice, he said, "I see."

The Butler saw that he didn't ask anyone to put it on, so he didn't ask any more questions.

After taking a shower, Viola walked out of the bathroom in her shivering T-shirt.

Seeing the Maynard on the sofa, she stopped drying her hair. "Why are you here?" she asked

"Come here. I will put some medicine on your wound." With a poker face, he opened the medical kit.

Viola sne

looked up at the scorching sun over her head, walked to a tree on the left and said, "Go ahead."

"Please don't be jealous of me anymore. Just stop quarreling with Maynard." Crossing her arms over her chest, she looked distressed yet pleased at the same time. "The feelings between him and me can't be replaced by a couple of days or two."

Viola had planned to kidnap Kirk because of her. Now hearing what she thought that Elly was definitely making trouble.

She raised her chin slightly, trying to look at him with her nose. But she said seriously, "I don't mind, taking it as he has a mistress outside."

"You said I was a mistress?" Hearing that, Elly's body shook for a while. She was so angry that she almost fainted. Gritting her teeth, she said, "You must have married Maynard in a humble way. Otherwise, he would not have taken a fancy to you with his sight and taste!"

Viola tilted her head and asked confusedly, "Since you and Maynard You have a special relationship with Maynard. Why doesn't he marry you?"

"You are asking for it!"

Elly was so angry that she raised her hand in the air, but it was grasped by Viola and couldn't be caught.

"Help! Help! " After struggling for a while, she decided to throw the handle after the blade.

"What happened?" An old woman using a stick came over, squinting her muddy eyes.

"She seduced my husband and tried to pick on me." Elly pointed at her. The bad guy sues the bad first.

The people around heard what she said and came over. They happened to see that Viola was grabbing her hand and believed most of what she said.

Noticing their eyes of criticism, Viola knew she was tricked by her.

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