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   Chapter 138 He Seems To Have Forgotten You

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"They said I was ugly and made a fool of myself. They also said my tactics of rejection are bad!" Viola thumped the table heavily and shouted, "Mr. Chu, beat them to death!"

Maynard raised his eyebrows with dissatisfaction. "If I don't beat you to death, you should be grateful."

Being sensible, she kept her mouth shut, in case things got worse.

At this moment, the mobile phone on the table rang. After Maynard answered the phone, the little girl's voice came through, "Dad, Mommy is in danger. Go and save her."

Maynard's face changed slightly. "What's going on?"

"Mommy just called me and asked me to find some bodyguards to go to a Dance Bar. But the bodyguards were sick, woo, woo, woo, what should I do..." The little girl couldn't help crying.

"I'll be right there. You stay at home." Maynard hung up the phone, grabbed her arm and said, "Come with me."

Viola shook off Simon's hand impatiently and stepped back several steps. "Don't. You go to hero to save the beauty. How can I follow you?"

"Shut up!" Maynard said coldly and sharply.

When she was about to say something, she was dragged out.

As soon as Viola entered the bar, she saw a lot of men and women drinking and flirting. The dancing floor was wildly dancing and the lively music bothered her.

She grasped Maynard, who was in front of her, frowned and asked, "Where is Elly?"

"Let's look for it separately." Maynard said and looked to the right.

Viola had no choice but to look for her in the left.

After searching for two minutes, she didn't see Elly. Instead, she found that Bernard was sitting on the sofa of table 52, holding a girl and kissing the ones on the left and the one on the right.

Viola felt his scruple was broken to a lot, so she went over and grabbed his ear from behind, "Do you see Elly?"

"It hurts. Let me go." Bernard pushed her hand away.

A false smile appeared on Viola's face. She asked, "Where is Elly?"

"Her?" After dismissing the two girls, he thought about it for a while and shrugged. "She is in the second floor. I saw her being taken to prison myself."

Upon hearing this, Viola turned to him and said in a low voice, "You just stand by?"

"She got tipsy. Two Playboys recognized her and cursed her for she was unable to flirt with them. Unexpectedly, she hit them with a wine bottle."

Viola folded her arms across her chest. "So what?"

"I don't want to get involved in her fight." Bernard pull

ought that they would stop aiming at killing people. However, Maynard crouched down, picked up Mr. Hu and made him spit out a tooth. After that, Mr. Chen's face was swollen to fat and his mouth and nose were bleeding. Lying on the ground, they were at their last gasp.

It was the first time for Viola to see Maynard hit so hard, almost knocking her to death.

"It's killing me," Bernard said in a casual tone, "if I had told you about that on behalf of the other two, I would have been the one who goes to the orthopaedic hospital."

Puzzled, Viola asked, "Is it normal for him to protect Elly and their daughter?"

Bernard smiled but said nothing.

After Maynard beat enough people, he stood up and took out his handkerchief to carefully wipe his hands. A mocking smile appeared on his thin lips. "I will pay the medical fee for you. Take care of yourself."

Maynard threw down the handkerchief, pulled at Elly and left without looking at Viola.

Upon hearing this, a smile froze on her face.

"He seems to have forgotten you." Putting his hand on her shoulder, Bernard said, "Don't be sad. I'll drive you home for your sake."

Viola shoved his hand away and said with a fake smile, "No, thanks. Just be careful. When an iron pester has become a needle."

Viola ignored his reproachful face and turned to leave the bar.

Viola was walking on the road and felt something strange behind her. When she passed a cake shop, she saw that besides herself, there were two more people behind the shop. Her face changed and she ran immediately, but it was too late. She was covered by a handkerchief, and her eyes went black

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