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   Chapter 134 Two Hours And Six Seconds

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When Viola saw a woman in professional dress passing by, she came to realize that she also had work to do!

Viola hurriedly put away the necklace and went out to get a taxi as fast as she could, so that the driver could drive as fast as he could to the Star Magazine.

But she didn't know if it was because of her bad luck that she started to slow down on the way. She was in a bad mood.

When she arrived at the periodical office, all the people being scolded saw her, as if they had seen hope and light.

Noticing Stephanie's cold eyes behind her mirror, Viola's eyelids twitched. She suddenly understood why they had looked at her like that.

"Viola!" After slapping the paper in her hand, Stephanie got angry. "What are you doing? Do you know how late you are? "

With a stiff body, she answered stiffly, "Two hours and six seconds......"

"So you know that?" Pointing at her clothes, Stephanie was boiling with rage. She taunted, "Besides, as a journalist, you'd better behave yourself."



The rest burst into laughter. When they saw the vicious look on Stephanie's face, they all shut up.

Viola looked down at herself and noticed that she was covered with leaves and her clothes were covered with dust. She looked like coming from the forest.

She was so embarrassed that she moved the leaves off her body and dusted them off. Then she smiled apologetically, "Sorry, chief editor. I'm so sorry."

Don't deduct her salary. She can't get hurt!

"Don't do this again next time!" Stephanie knocked on her glasses and said in an arrogant tone, "Follow me."

When she saw that Stephanie was walking towards her office, Viola smiled and said, "Okay, okay."

She hurriedly followed her into the office and considerately closed the door behind her.

"Did you get an interview of Chol?" With these words, Stephanie pulled out her chair and sat down.

Viola lowered her head and pointed to he

e for you. Don't flatter yourself." He looked away and quickly changed the topic, "You haven't told me why you want to see me."

Viola unzipped her bag and took out a recording pen, notebook and pen. She blinked, "I'm here to interview. Do you have any cooperation?"

She didn't care about it at all~~

"Let's get started." He said in a relaxed tone, leaning against the sofa.

Wearing a forced smile, she turned on the recording pen reluctantly, "Chol, which kind of exercise do you like to do, travel or stay at home?"

"I like swimming. As for whether I want to travel or stay at home, I'm okay with it." A perfect smile appeared on his face, and he cooperated very well.

Actually, what Viola asked was just some ordinary questions. She didn't ask anything about his future development and private life.

After dragging herself for an hour, she put away her stuff and said, "Well, let's call it a day. See you later."

"You haven't had dinner, right?" He glanced at the clock on the wall and stood up, "It's my treat."

"No, thank you," said Viola, waving her hands

"Who said that?" Jina heard this while she opened the door. She held Viola's hand with a smile, and carried a lunch box with the other hand. "Viola, come here. I made dumplings for you. Let's eat together."

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