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   Chapter 132 What Was Your Choice

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Viola was at a loss. She secretly bit the tip of her tongue and forced herself to calm down. "We can't be together anymore."

She hadn't done that before. Now she had been married to Maynard, though she had no choice

"Why not?" Zarian grabbed her arm and looked excited.

In a panic, she looked evasive. Suddenly, her phone rang.

With her back to him, she took her cellphone out and had a look at it. Seeing that Maynard's message, in which she was urged to come back, she took an apologetic glance at Zarian and then ran away.

On the way to the villa, she was exhausted, out of breath. She had been in a trance for a long time before she could catch her breath. Then she noticed that Maynard was sitting on the sofa, toweling his hair, wearing a bathrobe and a waistband loosely.

Upon smelling the fragrance of his body wash after the bath, Viola's heart skipped a beat. Clumsily, she said, "Mr. Chu, is the movie beautiful today?"

"Are you happy to meet your old lover?" Maynard stopped wiping his hair with satisfaction. Ironically, he didn't answer her question but asked her in reply.

If he didn't go back to the bookstore, he wouldn't have seen the drama between Zarian and her.

A slight change to her young face, Viola was confused, "How do you know?"

"You have a guilty conscience?" He dropped the towel from his hand and got close to her.

The ground was cold and tight, his tall and handsome body, his long straight legs, everything seemed aggressive under the beautiful tree shaped crystal chandelier above his head.

The petite body of Viola was covered by his figure, which made her look fragile. She cleared her throat and couldn't stand it. "Enough! I don't know what's wrong with you, but mind your own business! "

"Mind your own business?" Maynard's face suddenly darkened, and his eyes were filled with rage. "I'll let you know if I'm meddling in your business!"

A cold shiver ran down her spine. The next second, she was carried in Maynard's arms, scared and angry. "What do you w

g herself with hot water, swore to herself that she would definitely take revenge on Maynard in the future.

After changing her clothes, she leaned against the wall of her room. She hadn't closed her eyes yet. Finally, the dawn came.

She opened the wardrobe and took out all her clothes. Then she made a rope with one end tied to the room and the other thrown out of the window. She grabbed the rope and tested whether it was tough enough.

At this time, a leader house downstairs saw the scene and ran into the Maynard's villa when Viola did not notice.

After 30 seconds, when she confirmed that there was no problem, she wanted to climb down the window with a rope in her hand, the door opened.

Seeing Maynard's gloomy eyes, Viola trembled with fear instinctively.

"You can run if you want." With a mocking smile, Maynard leaned against the door casually. "If you go away, you will unilaterally cancel the contract. I'll find a lawyer to compensate you."

Casting the rope down, Viola glared at him. "I'll pay you four million first. What about the rest?"

"You must pay them all at once." Maynard opened his thin lips slightly, which looked cold and ruthless.

Viola clenched her fists and bit her lower lip. "I don't have that much money now."

"Then you make a choice." Maynard closed the door again with a poker face and left.

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