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   Chapter 129 Marriage Registration In The Middle Of The Night

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 6707

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Walking on the street, she was so depressed. Just imagining what had happened this afternoon, it must be Yesenia who had made it happen.

As the night fell and the city lights lit like the dazzling street in the starry sky, she felt distressed and annoyed that nowhere to confide.

After a long while, she smiled bitterly and mocked herself, "The moon of stars which is worth several million is worthless to me. Is it a special skill?"

Viola shuttled between the streets aimlessly. She passed by a bar before she knew it.

Two gangsters who were drunk with their faces red, glanced at each other and kicked the beer bottle on the ground with their feet.

The beer bottle rolled toward the little woman in front of her so quickly that she almost stepped on it.

She frowned and wanted to leave as if nothing had happened. But those two gangsters stopped her.

"Come here and have a drink with us." The colorful hooligan who had dyed her hair approached her and was about to put his hand on her shoulder while laughing cheekily.

"Go away! Or I will call the police! "

"Call the police?" The hooligan with colorful hair spat on the ground and pushed her to the ground rudely.

As she was lying on the ground, a sharp pain gritted her teeth. Cold sweat started to form on her forehead.

"What is it?" The gangsters behind called her when they saw something sparkling outside her bag.

Viola's face changed. She reached out to pick up the necklace, but the white haired man took it first.

She groped the air and struggled to stand up. Her face flushed with anger. "Give it back to me!"

"Sir, it seems very valuable," The man with white hair ignored them and handed them to the other men.

"Let's go to change the money." The colorful gangsters called out. They didn't even look at her and wanted to leave.

Suffering pain, she followed them and cried for help desperately, "Robbery! Robbery! "

The two hooligans ran quickly and passed through the opposite side of

right, she thought of the proposal of Maynard two days ago, and then she thought of Ann turned unhappy because of her stepmother's argument. She made up her mind.

She ran to the door, opened it and ran out. Realizing that something was wrong, her stepmother chased after her and shouted, "Stop!"

But Viola was nowhere to be found.

It was late at night. Wearing the stench of alcohol, Viola ran to the door of Maynard's villa and rang the doorbell hard.

"It's you?" Maynard opened the door. A strong smell of alcohol overwhelmed him, and his face was as dark as ink.

Viola gave him a big hug and said, "Come on, I'll take you to check in."

"You are drunk." Maynard pushed her away and held her unwillingly when she almost fell down.

Still drunk, Viola shook her head slightly.

He pulled her into the room and closed the door. Then he threw her on the sofa and said, "It's late. What's wrong with you?"

Viola struggled to stand up and slapped the household register onto the table righteously. She covered her mouth and let out a belch. She said defiantly, "Maynard, do you dare or not?"

When he saw the household register on the table, Maynard's face changed slightly. "Where did you steal it?"

It is said that drunk people can do anything stupid.

A sweet smile appeared on Viola's face. "Our home."

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