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   Chapter 126 Got A Fever

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It was about seven o'clock in the evening. Suddenly, it began to rain. When they found a hotel to stay, they had been soaked in the rain for half an hour.

"Do you want a room or two?" The clerk politely inquired the cold man in front of her.

After limping in front of Maynard, Viola answered immediately, "Two."

"Like she said." Maynard sneered at her and said.

A strange feeling came to her.

"…… There is only one room left in the hotel now. " The staff looked into the video and found it hard to believe.

On hearing this, Viola wanted to cry but had no tears. "Do you really have no other room?"

The staff shook his head and suggested smilingly, "You are lovers. How about sharing a room with each other?"

A small but happy smile appeared on Viola's face. Her voice was still shaking. She said: "No problem."

"Reporter Qi, I have an opinion." Maynard squinted at her and raised his eyebrows in a faint smile.

Viola glared at him and said in a low voice, "No objections. I sleep in sofa."

"Of course." Maynard answered very straightforward.

When they entered the room, Viola limped to the window. Through the dark glass, she heard rain flushing the trees outside.

She leaned against the wall, feeling troubled. It was not until she saw Maynard undressing himself that she realized that there were still water dripping from her clothes. Looking at the direction of the bathroom, she limped towards it.

However, as soon as she got close to him, a strong and cold hand grabbed her.

"Reporter Qi, you seem to have forgotten something." Maynard said slowly.

Viola turned around and saw the man with his upper body naked. She blinked doubtfully and asked, "What did I forget?"

"I paid. I enjoy the privilege to use the bathroom." Maynard reminded her, poker faced.

Viola chuckled, "Who set the rule?"

"It's me." Maynard sneered.

A slight smile appeared on Viola's face. Then, she opened her hands, stood in front of the bathroom's door and said aggressively, "Then nobody needs to wash."

"You!" In an instant, fury burnt in Maynard. Instead of

apped away his hand and said, "You want to go back on your words for what you have done to me!"

"I'm listening." Maynard stood up and cast a black shadow over her.

Viola panicked and dodged his eyes. "You... You threw yourself at me and offered me ten million dollars. Tell me, when will you give it to me?"

She tried to forget what happened last night. She thought desperately that only a large sum of money could heal her sadness.

"I said that?" With his hands on her shoulders, Maynard looked at her calmly.

After nodding her head, Viola didn't know how to spend ten million."

"In that case, I have nothing to say."

Maynard's eyes inadvertently swept across the water basin under the table, and with a hint of understanding in his eyes, he picked up a wealth oriented woman.

With her feet off the ground, Viola wrapped her arms around his neck out of instinct. Her face turned pale. "No, where are you taking me?"

"I don't remember what happened last night. I don't mind repeating it with you." Maynard put her on the big white bed, got close to her and appreciated the woman beneath.

Her dark and bright hair spread out like seaweed, which made her beautiful face look more enchanting. A kind of unknown gloom could be seen in Maynard's eyes, making her feel flustered.

Terrified, Viola stood up and tried to run away, but was caught back again, and slept with a man.

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