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   Chapter 124 Shot Yourself In The Foot

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Viola took a look at the only increase teams outside and lowered her voice to confirm her guess. "Are you sure you want to select a man who is able to get married for Mr. Chu?"

"Of course." Bernard said seriously.

A slight hesitation mixed with a little subtle at the corners of Viola's eyes. She pulled him aside and said, "Do you know why Mr. Chu has a numb expression on his face during the blind date? Isn't he in a hurry or not?"

"Induced by disposition." Bernard asked bluntly.

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched. She shook her head vigorously. "No. as far as I know, there are other reasons."

"Then tell me about it." Bernard shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

After glancing around, she covered her mouth and lowered her voice, "Actually, he already has someone he is dating with."

After thinking about it over and over again, she decided to put one of them to the same place as Elly and Yesenia.

"Really?" With a smile on his face, Bernard asked, "Is it because of Elly or Yesenia?"

When Viola was about to say something, she heard him fiddling with her short hair and said in a cold tone, "You can't choose the former one. The latter is too beautiful. It makes you feel insecure."

Viola rolled her eyes at the ceiling.

She hesitated for two seconds and corrected her words, "No, it's someone else. They are very low-key."

"Great! Call them to have a look!" With a false smile, Bernard said, "In any case, I won't be dissatisfied with Maynard's decision to marry her."

Viola seemed to see the sign of hope and smiled, "OK, no problem."

Under the man's insightful gaze, she hurriedly went out under a big tree and took out her mobile phone, looking over and over in her contact list.

Finally, Viola stayed Julie's number for a while and then dialed a number. When she got through, she said anxiously, "Julie, something happened to your president. I'll text you the address. Come here quickly."

Before Julie could respond, she hung up and sent the location to him with a cunning smile.

Fifteen minutes later, seeing that Julie was coming over, she waved at her.

"Miss Qi, what hap


A grief and indignation took over her.

"When do you two plan to get married?" Bernard swirled the red wine in his glass and asked again patiently.

With his legs crossed and his eyes filled with coldness and cruelty, Maynard said, "A woman like her doesn't deserve me. I'm just playing with her."

Everyone present could not believe what they had heard and doubted whether they misheard.

The little girl looked at the two men in confusion and dragged Julie. "Are they crazy?"

"Ask what the world is like..." Julie sighed.

Hearing Maynard's words, Viola could not help but see his emotional change. She stood up suddenly and the tips of her fingers that were grabbing his collar were faint white, with flames of anger burning in her chest. "You bastard! How dare you lie to my feelings! "

She stretched out her hand, intending to hit him. However, she was stopped by Maynard quickly. He raised her chin and forced her to raise her head. He got close to her and whispered in her ear, "Muddle along quickly. Go back home."

All her anger came to light, and she pushed him away with force.

She pushed away the chair and took a few steps back, heartbroken. "Don't overdo it. I have dignity too!"

"Dignity?" Maynard sneered. "How much is your dignity worth?"

After hesitating for a while, she stretched out three fingers and said crossly, "What do you think? Give it to me if you have the ability! "

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