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   Chapter 123 It's All My Fault

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When Viola saw the expression on his date's face getting worse and worse, she thought that victory was in sight, but there were always accidents in life.

"Miss Gao, are you okay?" Maynard asked with a poker face.

The woman in a black dress, no, Miss Gao, forced a smile. "I'm fine, but, do you really don't know each other?"

"If you don't believe me, go ahead." Maynard's eyes sparkled.

"No, I believe you." Miss Gao said immediately.

Viola was almost shattered to pieces by her same trick, and felt like vomiting blood.

She pulled the little girl next to her and asked in a low voice, "Didn't you say that your daddy doesn't want a blind date? He doesn't look like that at all! "

"Aunt Viola, please go on with your brutal plan. We need to scare them one by one. Trust yourself. You can do it." The little girl cheered her up, with her hands clenched tight.

Covering her face with her hand in silence, she criticized in her mind, "I always feel like I'm picking up a hot potato."

"Ding Dong!"

As she was about to quit, her phone rang.

She opened her handbag and took out her cell phone. She found that there was a message from the president of the Chu Group - "As long as you can get it done, the debt on your account will be written off."

She raised her head and just saw Maynard playing with his cell phone in a casual manner.

At the thought that the debt on her mind could be written off, she was full of motivation at once. She quickly sent a message -- "Let's make a deal."

She pushed aside the chair and stood up, pulling a chair to sit next to Miss Gao, with a lovely smile.

"What do you want?" With an unhappy face, Miss Gao said, "Are people like you supposed to come? Get out! "

Viola shook his head and said in an exaggerated way. "Well, well, lady, I think your gloom, a sign of evilness, can't be beaten by a man."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Miss Gao raised her voice all of a sudden.

When Viola was about to continue, a somewhat curious male voice came from behind her. "Viola, what are you doing here?"

When she looked back, she saw that Bernard was wearing white clothes and black pants, but he was as beautiful as a painting. She felt somehow nervous and fle

o use the same trick again, Bernard grabbed her water and pulled her aside. "I hope that it didn't happen, okay?"

A false smile appeared on Viola's face. He said, "Ha ha, OK."

She sat down embarrassedly. Because she had no choice, she could only logged in her QQ and ask for the help of "CEO of the Chu Group", "Mr. Chu, what should I do?"

Then a message from the CEO of the Chu Group was sent soon. "Think about it by yourself."

Anna was so angry that she almost leaned back. She took a deep breath and said to Bernard, "Is it okay for me to go to the bathroom?"

"Go, please." Bernard smiled coldly.

Viola winked at the little girl. As soon as they walked out of the door, they saw a group of young women standing in line with three long dragons, dressed in magnificently.

She asked in surprise, "All blind dates?"

"…… Maybe. " The little girl was not sure.

"This is the charity auction!"

She thought the task was tough.

"Don't give up. Come on!"

The little girl cheered her up.

Hearing that, Viola stopped knocking on the glass. Suddenly, she thought of something. She squatted down and held her shoulder, "Can you send Bernard away with an excuse?"

"I heard nothing." The little girl pushed her away and ran as fast as a rabbit.

Viola had no choice but to go in and pull Bernard aside. She said, "Let's go to eat ice cream, shall we?"

"No way." "I won't leave until he finds the one he will get married."

A ridiculous smile crept over her face.

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