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   Chapter 122 Making Trouble

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As they were in a stalemate, the air around them became thin because of the silence.

"Tell me. You can stay here tonight." Maynard sat on the sofa in front of him and rubbed the acupuncture points near his temples.

"Deal." Said Bernard with a big smile on his face.

Viola cleared her throat, sat beside him and whispered: "Then should you tell Mr. Chu what's on the phone?"

"His father said he should care about his marriage."

Bernard crossed his arms over his chest and smiled slyly.

Being afraid of being hated by him, she silently got away from him.

"You are kidding me!" With a gloomy face, Maynard thumped the table angrily.

Bernard picked up an apple from the fruit basket and said provocatively, "You can't drive me away now."

In an instant, a murderous look was given off in Maynard's eyes.

On the other side, Viola was still on pins and needles, and she was afraid that they would have a fight with her, so she tried her best to compose herself and said, "Mr. Chu, this is very important. Please see how he has dealt with it, and how do you handle it?" Viola came to her senses and poked Bernard in the arm.

"Don't worry. I have handled everything well." Bernard said mysteriously.

"You'd better be." Maynard said and gave him a deep look.

Because of the distance between them, Viola accidentally saw the light in Bernard's eyes. Her eyelids twitched and she had a bad feeling. "I'll go first. Take your time."

Before she left, she gave him a hard kick to vent her anger. She ran away with satisfaction after seeing him grimace.

The next morning, the rash on Viola's face disappeared. She was waken up by the ringing phone.

She washed and changed in a hurry. Then she ran to the most expensive French restaurant of A City as she asked for leave.

Seeing the little girl bending over the transparent glass, she bent down and patted her on the shoulder softly. "Baby, what do you want to see me about?"

The little girl turned around to see it was her, grabbed the corner of her clothes and said with sadness on her little face, "Do you know what is the happiest and the most unfortunate thing in the world?"

Viola paused and asked, "What is it?"

"What makes me happy is th

tle girl clapped her chest.

They had reached a consensus. Although Viola was unwilling to go inside, she still pulled the little girl into the spinning glass door and walked in.

She sat at a table closest to Maynard's and gave a slight cough.

Maynard looked at her and then turned his sight to look out of the window as if nothing had happened.

Viola had a micro facelift, and she saw that the man on the blind date was seeing Maynard, and an unknown liquid was even flowing from the corners of her mouth. Obviously, she was anthomaniac.

"Mr. Chu, what's your interest and hobbies?" The woman in the black dress wiped her mouth with the handkerchief in a feigned soft voice.

"His hobby is fishing and his hobby is beating."

"Hit you?" The woman in black dress stood up suddenly and accidentally knocked over a cup. Her eyes were filled with horror.

"She was just joking. I don't know her." Maynard nodded calmly, but his voice was filled with rare tenderness.

"Oh, I see. You are so humorous, miss." The woman in a black dress came back to her senses. She paused for a second when she saw the cheap clothes bought by Viola and smiled.

Clenching her fists, she glared at him.

"Do you like playing golf in normal times?" The woman in a black dress continued.

"No, he likes to hit Golgi."

Maynard covered his mouth with his hand and coughed.

"Who is he?" The little girl asked curiously.

"He's a brother of golf."

Maynard's shoulders trembled.

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