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   Chapter 110 He Knew

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Little girl, your mommy and Daddy are looking for you everywhere. "

"You sick woman Well, Aunt Viola, where are my daddy and Mommy? " Seeing her, the little girl let go of Ann and ran over.

At once, she winked at Ann and uttered the words "run away" from her lips.

That was exactly what Ann wanted. He left the living room while the little girl wasn't looking at him.

Viola relieved. She rubbed the little girl's hair and said: "You are good. I will call your daddy and Mommy."

The little girl nodded.

Afraid that she might run around, she took the little girl's hand and called Maynard and told him the address.

After doing that, she squatted down and said, "Little girl, could you please not tell the boy you met before?"

The little girl looked back and found that her "Daddy" was not here any more. She turned her round eyes and nodded heavily. "Aunt Viola, don't worry. I will keep it a secret."

A great relief took over her.

Twenty minutes later, Maynard and Elly were walking towards them.

"Daddy, Mommy." At the sight of them, the little girl got rid of her and ran over to them, which made Viola tremble with fear. She continued, "I just saw a little dad who looks exactly like my dad..."

"Baby!" Elly was almost driven mad by her sister's chasing. Seeing that the little devil had grasped her hands and spanked her, she said, "didn't I tell you not to run around the house?"

"WOW WOW WOW!" The little girl cried in pain.

Watching the little girl's tears running down like rain, Anna could not bear to see it. She said, "Miss Xia, the little girl is still young. We can have a talk."

"Shut up!" When she heard her words, she raised another slap on her face. She glared at Viola and said, "I teach my daughter a lesson. It's none of your business. I even suspect that you took her away!"

Viola could say nothing.

"Elly, calm down!" Maynard bent down to wipe the tea


A moment of embarrassment flashed on her face. She gently patted him on the back and comforted, "It's all right. Everything will be fine."

Zarian opened his arms, hugged her, rested his head on her shoulder and said, "I'm sorry. I promised to disappear from your sight, but I broke my promise."

Viola wanted to push him away, but considering that she had forced him to keep that promise, she didn't have the heart to push him away.

Right at this moment, there came an urgent horn.

She looked up and found that the Rolls Royce in front of her was Maynard's, and she was not sure whether he saw her or Zarian?

Viola pressed the weird feeling in her heart and gently patted Zarian on his shoulder.

But he didn't stop. He leaned against the chair and looked at the sky.

On the other hand, a little uneasy about the situation.

In the car, Julie, sitting next to her driver, looked back at Maynard who was emanating a cold aura and said, "Boss, didn't you say something to Miss Qi?"

Then why didn't you ask the driver to stop just now?

Hearing that, Maynard's hand, which was about to spill the documents, froze and an expressionless expression appeared on his face. "Nothing special. Let's go to the Chu Group," he said

Julie responded tactfully.

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