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   Chapter 105 Two Women Fight For A Man

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Realizing what she had said, Viola covered her mouth subconsciously.

"Reporter Qi, you've given a lot of information." Maynard's slightly long hair fell in front of him and a cold smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Realizing that he was suspicious of her reaction, she smiled and explained hastily, "Mr. Chu, please don't blame me for that. You asked me to use these lipsticks. I'm innocent."

She blinked her big innocent eyes for fear that he did not believe her.

With his back split, Maynard leaned casually against the sofa and looked at her with a meaningful look. "Reporter Qi, are you sure that I pressed the fingerprint on my own initiative?"

At that moment, Viola could do nothing but nodded. But when she thought of the consequences of lying to her, she was about to change her mind, but she didn't expect Maynard to give her a big "surprise"

"Since you have said so, just do as we promised."

A wicked glint flashed in Maynard's eyes as he walked to the window and stood there against the light.

As she put the promise into her pocket, she looked extremely flattered and unbelievable. "Mr. Chauncy, are you sure?" She didn't expect that happiness would come so suddenly

Maynard sneered and turned around. "Somebody."

When she saw two bodyguards coming in, she had a bad feeling.

"Dock the boat. Throw this woman to the sand." Maynard said coldly.

When they heard her, they grabbed her arms and dragged her out.

Stunned by what he had said, a few seconds later, Viola went out, pulled at the doorknob and turned around, asking, "Mr. Chu, why did you do that?"

She was nervous, did he find out anything?

"Vanish before your eyes!" Maynard opened his thin lips and mocked.

At the thought of the scene that she had to go ashore and meet the reporters she had met last night, a shiver ran down her spine. She forced a smile and said, "Mr. Chu, you can start to keep your promise tomorrow. It's not necessary for you to go swimming today. I'm in no hurry."

"But I don't want to see you." Maynard winked at the two bodyguards.

Upon hearing this, Viola was so angry that she almost fell down.

Not daring to delay, the two bodyguards dragged her to the deck, and took her off the cruise regardless of her yelling.

She grabbed a handful of sand from the ground and threw it at the ship, but it was swept away by the sea wind.

Viola was so upset. She looked over the

n disbelief, "What?"

"You broke our play. The director asked you to act a role and make amends." He whispered in her ear.

Viola wanted to reject when she saw the malice in his eyes, but the director had already asked people to prepare, so she had to endure.

However, when others handed her the script, she opened it and only found that her mind was occupied by some brainless words, such as "silly lines"——

"I love you, not your money. If you go broke, we need to be paid."

"Don't blame me for having hired a woman to carry you. I will treat your child as my own."

The corners of her mouth twitched, but she could not speak out at all when she saw these two sentences.

As she dug deeper, she found that there were two scenes of her being thrown into the sea for three days, thrown leftovers, into the dog cage, whipped, and marked as no substitute.

Was extremely ferocious.

Viola slammed the script and dragged the man who was talking to other people. "I'm not going to act. Please tell the director for me."

However, Chol was not moved at all. "The director has decided to act. As long as the movie is finished, everything will be fine."

A few seconds had passed before Viola smiled and then she cried out the next second, "Everyone, I found a man in a lovely pajamas last night. He is HMM... "

Chol covered his mouth before he could finish his words. He stepped on a stone as he stepped backward.

She fell back and reached out to grab something to avoid the tragedy. In a panic, she grabbed his hand. However, with too much strength, both of them fell into the sea with a "flop" sound.

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