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   Chapter 104 I'm Going To Jump Into The Sea

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Seeing that they had reached a consensus, Maynard called.

Soon, two male servers in black swallow tailed suits, wearing white gloves and pushing a cases of whiskey for drink, had poured fifteen glasses of wine in front of Maynard and Zarian. Then they picked up pieces of ice from the ice bucket that gave off cold air and put them into these fifteen glasses.

Looking at the totally 30 glasses of wine that had been added up, a piece of ice appeared at the bottom of the glass, which made her very nervous. "Are you sure you want to have a race with me?"

Just looking at the glass with the same diameter of four centimeters and six centimeters, she was terrified.

"Of course." After Maynard sent away the waiter, the expression on his face could not be doubted.

"Don't worry, Viola. I'm sure to win." Zarian's eyes were gentle and affectionate.

Viola looked away and swallowed hard. "Well, I'll count the time. The one who drinks up the wine in front of you and the one who still doesn't bend down within thirty minutes will win."

"Of course." Maynard said in an indifferent voice.

After checking the time on her cell phone for 30 minutes, she acted as the referee and said, "One, two, three, start!

As soon as she finished speaking, she pressed the timer function on her cellphone.

Both of them picked up the glass of wine on the table and gulped it down. Then they put down the bottle and drank the second glass of wine at a surprisingly fast speed, as if neither of them was outdone.

Within 30 minutes, Margaret saw them drinking down one glass after another, without even breathing.

Viola was stunned. Although the thirty glasses of wine were less than two centimeters full, an ordinary person wouldn't be able to drink so much.

As time passed, twenty-five minutes had passed by. It was not until then that she saw that the movements of the two men who were drinking gradually slowed down.

However, none of them fell down although they slowed down.

When she saw Maynard's straight face and drunk expression in her eyes, Zarian's face turned red and his eyes were filled with wine. They were not sure who was the winner.

Thinking of the glass of wine in front of them, she clapped and said, "Mr. Chu, there are two glasses of wine left in front of you. And Zarian, there are three glasses in front of you, and there are four minutes left before thirty minutes. Who will give up?"

She meant to be good for them. Unexpectedly, they all picked up wines and drank them all at once as if they were stimulated, and their eyes were filled with terrible fighting spirit.

The timer on the screen

as the only response.

The next morning, when Viola woke up, she saw a pair of deep dark eyes, she screamed.

Upon seeing them on the ground, Zarian's face turned pale.

"Viola, what did he do to you last night?" Then he reached out his hand and held Viola up.

Thinking of his reaction last night, she got extremely angry and shook off his hand, "Isn't it too late for you to remember it now?"

Zarian felt hurt on his face. What happened last night?

With a calm face, Maynard walked to the sofa and sat down. He rubbed his forehead and said in reproach, "Reporter Qi, if you want to seduce me, you shouldn't have been on the floor."

A little sick.

When she looked down upon the two promises on her hand by accident, she immediately became complacent and said: "You two put your finger marks here last night, and please disappear in front of me in a year."

She held up the cup in her hand and showed it to Zarian.

"Viola, take care of yourself." At the sight of the hand print, he left with no more hesitation.

A trace of guilt flashed through her eyes, but she quickly returned to normal.

"What's on the promise?" Maynard said, shooting her a disdainful glance.

Viola added, "Of course, I want to draw with my own hands. I feel very guilty in front of them, so I took the initiative to assure them that I will disappear in a year."

"Really?" Hearing that, Maynard took a look at the lipstick print left on his finger and squinted in a casual manner. "Apply a lipstick worth hundreds of dollars on our hands. It must be very painful."

Without a second thought, Viola blurted out, "Of course!"

As soon as she finished saying that, she saw a grimace in Maynard's eyes, which looked like a smile, and she felt frustrated.

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