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   Chapter 91 A Sick Woman

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Viola hung up the phone, hopeful for help, and happily made a gesture.

She rolled her eyes when she saw the woman in front of her come downstairs.

She ran into the bathroom and opened the shower head to let the water flow down just in case.

She clapped her hands and smiled softly, "As long as I pretend to bath inside and cover up my movement of running with the sound of water, I want to see how that demon will find me later."

Right at this moment, her phone rang in her pocket. She walked out of the bathroom and found that it was from Elly.

She almost couldn't wait to run to the window. Looking down from the top, she saw a ladder which could be folded to a length as long as she liked.

A smile crept on her face.

When Elly was in the first floor, she held the ladder with one hand and gestured for Viola to come down with the other.

Viola made an "OK" gesture as a response. After making sure that there was no abnormality after she looked around, she stepped over the window without thinking and slowly walked down the ladder.

As they were getting closer and closer to the ground, she could hardly contain her joy.

"Come down now. It's embarrassing if others find out I give you a ladder at night."

Elly looked around and found that all the street lights were dim so she urged her again in an impatient tone.

Viola rolled her eyes, trying to comfort her, "Wait, it's coming soon."

Just then, a magnetic voice full of anger suddenly sounded above her head.

"Viola, how could you escape in this way? Good! Very well! "

When she was only one meter away from the ground, she heard the sound. She looked up and saw Maynard standing by the window, in a state of rage.

She screamed and fell to the ground.

As soon as they were out of the room, Elly let out a shrill scream.

"I'm dead. How can I die? Waah... Waah..." She fell heavily on the ground, not feeling any pain. She thought that she was in heaven, so she covered her eyes and screamed hysterically.

"What You're not dead Get up now! " Elly woke up weakly.

Upon hearing that, Viola stopped crying. She noticed that there was something soft and warm under her body. She turned around and found that the person she had been suppressing was not


She could only see a crack between her fingers. When she saw Maynard coming over, she was regretful for not leaving early.

"Go, run, Reporter Qi. Why don't you continue running?" Maynard sneered at her.

Failure was caused by the early death of her escape. She felt like weeping but had no tears.

"Daddy!" As soon as she saw Maynard, the little girl next to him rushed over and opened her arms, saying, "Please give me a hug."

As soon as he saw the little girl, Maynard released an ice cold aura, which looked like ice, melting in the sunlight.

He picked up the little girl, and his eyebrows were full of gentleness and affection. He asked, "Why didn't you tell daddy that you were back? It's late. Do you feel cold?"

The little girl kissed Maynard on his cheek and giggled. "I'm not cold. Daddy, don't worry."

Viola was so caring when she saw Maynard holding a little girl in his arms.

She pinched herself. She didn't realize that she was dreaming until she felt the pain.

Maynard carried the little girl in his arms and looked at her. "Elly, what are you doing by staying up late at night?" he asked

"Nothing. Let's go for a walk."

Confusedly, Maynard stared at the ladder for two seconds.

Viola noticed that and covered her face silently. She couldn't even listen to Elly's nonsense.

As Maynard and the little girl looked at each other, a smile played at the corners of his mouth. In a seemingly casual manner, he coaxed the little girl, "Baby, is that so?"

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