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   Chapter 83 Being Locked

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 8709

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Viola came out of the hospital and saw the maids leave. Then she looked at herself——

Her left hand's injured part was fixed with gauze bandages which revealed part of her body. She even tied up her left hand with a bandage around the neck, but

The sight of her sad look made her depressed all the time.

She thought of Chol who was also injured and felt as if she had been reduced to the same situation, so she took a cab to see him.

"Who is it?" He opened the door with his hand on his waist. He was displeased to see the chief culprit who had hurt him. "What are you doing here?" he asked

A flattering smile appeared on her face. She pointed at her left hand and said, "Mr. Jin, let's have a good chat. Look, both of us are injured. We have a lot to talk about."

He leaned against the door and looked at her up and down. When he found her left hand was bandaged like a pig's elbow, he burst into laughter, "Ha ha, ha, I didn't expect you to have such a situation." When she saw the undisguised schadenfreude in his eyes, she felt as if she had tens of thousands of arrows in her chest.

"Hahaha!" He poked her in the arm and burst into laughter.

As the blood could not stop laughing, Viola pushed herself into the room and slapped him on his back.

He screamed out of pain, turned around and glared at her. "Do you want to murder me?"

Viola threw up her hands and said innocently, "No, I just pat it lightly."

"You!" He pointed at her. For a long time, he was too angry to say a word.

Viola supported him with her right hand. With a flattering smile on her face, she said, "Come in. Let's sit on the sofa. It's so embarrassing to be seen standing at the door."

"Are you threatening me?" He shook off her right hand and laughed angrily.

Upon hearing that, Viola opened her eyes wide in disbelief. "How could that be? It's just that you're a public figure. It's not good to be photographed. "

"Good, very good!" He smiled and gave her a hint with his eyes, "What are you waiting for? Help me to the sofa and sit down!"

His loud voice almost deafened her. She rubbed her ears and nodded: "Yes, sir. No problem."

Still holding him with her arms, she stretched out her right leg to slam the door behind her. With a click, the door was closed.

Then she carefully helped him to sit on the sofa. After Chol sat down, he raised his chin and said, "I'm thirsty, get me some water."

With a slight smile on her face, Viola said: "okay."

She walked around the table, picked up a cup with her right hand and put it on it. Then she lifted the kettle with her ri

w, is exactly what I want."

Viola was speechless She seemed to have found something amazing.

"Mom." He winked at Jina, hoping she could stop.

"Why did you blink?" Jina was confused and asked, "Is your eyes uncomfortable?"

He was speechless.

A cute smile appeared on Viola's face. She pretended to be considerate and said, "Aunt Jina, he is shy."

The corners of his mouth twitched.

"You still call me Auntie?" Jina blamed, smiling her eyes into a seam. "This is not good. You have to call me mom when you apply for a marriage certificate."

"Yes, yes."

Then she looked at the man who was about to say something but stopped on a second thought. The expressions on his face kept changing. She threw eight of a standard teeth to provoke him.

"Ahem!" The young policeman let out a cough and stared at Chol. He criticized him seriously, "Mr. Jin, you have brought trouble to our police. We can't arrest you even if you have mental illness."

"Sir, I'm sorry. I won't do it again." Jina interceded for her son.

Viola nodded. She seemed to be telling the truth, but in fact, she had stealthily made it black, "Yes, he's normally fine, but he just can't control himself when he has an attack of his disease."

He was so angry that he fell off the sofa. Viola was very gentle and considerate to help him up, and pinched his waist when nobody saw her.

He pulled her hands off him and looked terrible.

Viola looked at the ceiling, pretending not to see anything.

The two policemen looked at each other.

"You are his girlfriend. If such things happen again, I suggest that you send him to the psychiatric hospital." The elderly policeman stood up and saluted the young policeman.

Viola nodded.

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