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   Chapter 82 Slight Fracture

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"Ding Dong!"

At this moment, the door bell rang.

A warm smile crept up over her face. She pointed at the door and said, "Mr. Chu, our guest has arrived. I'll go to open the door."

Maynard released her, without saying a word.

It was like a great amnesty to Viola. She opened the door, "Hello..."

The last half sentence was stuck in her throat when she found it was Yesenia standing outside.

"Miss Qi." A cold and venomous look flashed across her eyes.

Following her strange sight, she noticed that she had unbuttoned two buttons of her shirt.

She quickly buttoned her hands and forced a smile. "Miss Lu, please come in."

The more he looked at her, the more he realized that she was wearing a T-shirt, which was Maynard's. She bit her teeth, seeming very jealous.

The sharp fingernails pierced into the palms of her palms. The pain brought her back to her senses. She smiled and walked in from the side of Viola.

Viola closed the door and couldn't help feeling nervous when she thought of the look in Yesenia's eyes. However, when she saw the beautiful smile on Yesenia's face, she doubted that she had seen it wrong.

She followed behind Yesenia.

"Maynard! How can you let Miss Qi dress like this?"

Maynard didn't raise his head, but read the business newspaper in his hand.

"Miss Qi, what happened?" Hearing what he said, Yesenia got a little embarrassed. She looked at Viola with a stiff smile.

Seeing that it was a good opportunity to smooth over Maynard's name, Viola pulled out a chair and invited Fiona to sit down. With an aggrieved look on her face, she said, "Miss Lu, there's something you don't know. It's Mr. Chu who forced me to wear like this and asked me to hang around in front of him."

Viola pretended to sob, hoping to leave a pitiful impression on others.

She didn't know that it was a straight threat to Yesenia.

With hatred inside her heart, Yesenia took a deep breath and looked at Maynard in disagreement. "Maynard, you can't go too far to Miss Qi. Miss Qi, you have to learn to resist him."

"He's a CEO. I'm just a worker. I can't outwit him. What can I do? I'm also desperate."

Maynard raised his thick and flying eyebrows and put down the newspaper after hearing her nonsense. "Miss Lu, what are you doing here?"

w that Viola fell to the ground, she quickly ran over to help her up.

Yesenia was not willing to stop.

Viola considered Miss Wu to be her life-saving straw.

Miss Wu helped her sit on the sofa. She glanced at Yesenia suspiciously, but then she looked away and asked, "Miss Qi, what happened?" "Miss Qi, you are too careless. You fell down from the stairs." Walking up to her, Yesenia blamed her, "be careful next time. Don't make a second mistake."

After saying that, she left with her head held high. (

Upon hearing that, Viola was so angry that she pounded on the sofa with her right hand heavily. She decided to revenge on Yesenia next time.

Miss Wu picked up the bank card on the ground and handed it to her. "Miss Qi, did Miss Lu lose it?" Looking at the bank card with grievances, Viola was quite unhappy, but when she thought of something, she took it over.

She was accompanied by Miss Wu to the hospital to check the wound on her hand.

The doctor looked at the X-ray and sighed, "How did you fall?"

"Not careful," said Viola with a smile

"It's a slight fracture of your left hand and it needs to be clamped. Besides, you are not allowed to touch water for a few days. Remember?" The doctor put down the X-ray and looked at her sympathetically.

Looking at the doctor who seemed to be pondering, Viola nodded and said bravely, "I will take care, thank you doctor."

She seemed to have agreed to his suggestion, but in fact, she had already come up with a hundred different ways to kill Yesenia.

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