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   Chapter 76 She Is So Angry

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Updated: 2020-02-21 00:38

After coming out of the danger, she quickly changed her clothes and sat on the sofa, drying her hair.

When her hair was half dry, she couldn't help yawning, "I want to sleep."

However, she thought of the warning from Maynard, who told her not to go to sleep, she looked at the ceiling and howled in pain. "What should I do in the long night?"

Her eyes fell on the LED TV on the wall. All of a sudden, she didn't finish her sentence.

She grabbed the rocking device on the table and turned on the TV. After searching for two TV stations, she saw the third TV station was broadcasting an ancient TV play called "Long Live Queen".

Hearing that, Viola was cheered up. She picked up the apple on the table and took a bite. While enjoying the apple, she praised the delicate workmanship. As the heroine, she was gorgeous.

However, two minutes later, she saw Chol was the hero with a bright red dress walk from the beautiful peach forest dotted with many petals and came toward the queen. The queen was so beautiful that Viola almost choked on the apple in her mouth.

It never occurred to her that as a leading man, he was a favor of a man with a humble and fascinating appearance, and a favor of a man who was manipulated by another woman as a concubine

She had been watching for two minutes. Seeing that the emperor and the boy had gotten along with each other every day, she was quite interested in it.

However, when he saw that the empress was usurped by the prince regent at the fifth circle and her whereabouts were unknown, the man was extremely sad. With a reminder of others, he became the eunuch who bore the shame and wanted to avenge the queen. That was really not good for Viola.

"I will show this to you when you both torture me!"

She turned off the TV and struck the table heavily. She was so angry that she wanted to send blade to the scriptwriter, the director and Chol.

Viola angrily took the phone from the sofa and logged on her Weibo account.

Her face was still calm, and she quickly typed with her fingers, "Wow, what a waste of the male favor played by Chol!" Aren't you pretty? You can't live on your face! Why did he degrade himself to a eunuch! How can you make the empress happy if you are not a man!

ook it. It's useless to hold me crying." Maynard said in a calm and relaxed tone as if he was talking about the weather.

Her mouth was wide open as if she could swallow an egg.

"It doesn't matter if you don't do this, you can just study hard in the future." With that, Yesenia helped her to get off from Maynard. Yesenia seemed friendly but actually comforted her in a cold voice.

A caring smile appeared on Yesenia's face. However, the manicured nails pinched the back of her hand.

Viola gasped. Oh my God, it hurt so much.

She felt very aggrieved, but she still loosened her grip on Maynard's waist and wrapped Yesenia's arms around it with force, pinching it hard.

She stepped back two steps when she saw Yesenia grimaced. "You are right, Miss Lu. I will try my best."

A cool and refreshed look crept up on her face.

If Yesenia dare to pinch her hand, she will pinch her waist. If a tiger does not get angry, how dare he take her as a sick cat?

Hearing her words, Yesenia responded with a smile, without the slightest trace of a smile in her eyes.

"Reporter Qi, hurry up and cook. Let's go out to wait. There's heavy smoke in the kitchen." Maynard noticed their moves and said as if nothing had happened.

Hearing the word 'heavy' from his mouth, Viola could not help but want to slap him to death. She grumbled in her heart, "What the hell are you eating?"

Glancing at her, Yesenia said, "Thank you, Miss. Qi."

Though being annoyed, Viola had to keep smiling.

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