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   Chapter 69 Bad Luck

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 6872

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When they went back to the magazine office, Viola took an ice compress and put it on her face. Then she went into the chief editor's office and stood in front of Stephanie.

She wondered if she should tell her the whole story or not. "Well, chief editor."

With a cold face, Stephanie thumped the table and said, "Viola, do you think you can rely on Mr. Chu for your whole life! Tell me. Since you met Mr. Chu, have you finished a mission successfully?"

Upon hearing this, Viola thought to herself and told the truth, " Not yet. "

"So you know it!" Furious, Stephanie said, "I told you, you're just a lazy child! Look what "good thing" have you done! "

Viola's heart jolted when she heard her words. She wondered whether the Chief had already known what she had done to Ivy.

Therefore, she said with a big smile, "Chief, I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have blown Miss An's interview."

"What!" The anger on Stephanie's face didn't vanish. She pointed at her face and taunted, "Miss An, you got a problem too! How could you do this to yourself? "

Confused, Viola asked, "Harm herself?"


She heard the sound of crying. She raised her head and saw the new reporter, Mul, coming in with tears.

"Mul, tell Miss Qi what happened!" Stephanie rolled her eyes at her.

"Viola, I did what you said I followed him wherever he went Waah. "

She was so sad that she broke into tears.

Viola's eyelids twitched. "What happened next?"

"What else could have happened?" Stephanie was boiling with rage. She gritted her teeth and said, "When Chol saw Mul and accused her of peeping at other man, he was so shameless that he made his fans chase after her for a couple of streets. They even threw eggs and vegetables on her face."

Viola was flabbergasted. She didn't expect the little journalist to come to such a miserable end. She was beheaded by demons when she took the first step.

She patted Mul's shoulder and comforted softly, "Don't worry, honey. It was just an accident."

"I'm afraid that I'll be cut off as

ola wrote them down and rolled her eyes.

He scraped her nose and smiled, "I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously."

With her fingers trembling, Viola was in a trance while looking at the words written on the screen.

Those three female colleagues were so obsessed with him that they nodded in agreement, "We didn't take it seriously. Only fool would take it seriously, haha."

A bullet flew to her chest and her knees. She was so excited. Was she tricked?

With that, she walked up to them, waved her hand to them and said, "Hey, nice to meet you. Let me join you."

"Oh, my God! That new journalist is a coward! I'm here to interview you. I promise I can make you happy!" Bess's hand with red nails was constantly stroking Chol's hand, and a silly smile appeared on her face.

He sighed slightly, "That's true. How could such a stupid rookie live till now?"

She had tolerated a lot, and now she couldn't bear any more.

She walked behind him, rubbed her hands, and pretended that she was coveting his pretty face. She talked to herself as if there was no one around, "If you don't see me, I will take my revenge."

She lifted a wisp of long hair with her right hand and gently stroke his face with her right hand.

When she felt the tension of his body, she pretended to know nothing and slowly moved down, pretending to untie his buttons

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