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   Chapter 65 Viola Was Fooled

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After she collected the roses, she asked cautiously, "Mr. Chu, why did you send me the flowers?

"I would like to do," said Maynard, folding his hands and placing them in front of the thin jaw. There was no expression on his handsome face, but he was cynically cynical. "Any problem?"

Viola nodded hurriedly.

"Don't accept the flowers of disreputable men." Maynard added as if something came to his mind, and his arrogant eyes were filled with a bit of temptation.

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched when he said yes I see, Mr. Chu."

She thought to herself, 'Whoever the man is, I won't put my son in the same position.'

Mr. Chu took a look at her. Obviously, he was quite satisfied with her performance. Raising his eyebrows, he said, "All right. You can go out now."

Confused, Viola nodded. Before she walked out of the office, she considerately closed the door.

She went to the door, only to find that many colleagues of the periodical office were surrounding the door, watching the van full of red roses.

"I just passed by the CEO's office and heard about the conversation between Mr. Chu and Viola. He gave the flowers to her," Her colleague Lily's voice came to Viola's ear.

"No wonder I was wondering who would be so generous." Her colleague Bess said in a jealous tone.

When she heard this, she shivered and realized that the situation was not so good. She turned around and wanted to leave

"Wait a minute, Viola!" The voice of Stephanie suddenly came from behind.

Feeling like weeping, Viola turned around and said, "Hello, chief editor."

"There are too many roses. Don't forget to handle them." Stephanie knocked her glasses and went into the chief editor's office.

"Yes, it is..." Viola, puzzled

The colleagues of the magazine office came over and congratulated her one after another, which was not as indifferent as before.

"Viola, you have gone through so much hardship. You have finally lived a happy life." Bess patted her on the shoulder and said, "Take care of us in the future."

"Yeah. How did you win Mr. Chu's heart and get a whole truck of flowers?" Her colleague Selina Su came close to her and asked curiously.

"I don't know." Viola bit her finger and struggled

Those colleague looked at each other and smiled.

They stared at each other without a word, then she took out her phone and took photos with the truck.

"This scene is a rare scene in an ido

la fixed her eyes on his fair face and asked with curiosity, "You want to send mummy a gift, then you should send mummy a carnation, but why do you send roses?"

Ann glanced at her and said coldly, "As a clumsy mother, how can you have the heart to carry a carnation?"

She covered her chest which seemed to be stabbed by a long spear.

After a long pause, she chuckled and said, "Okay, okay. I agree."

Ann snorted coldly.

After hesitating for a while, Viola sighed, "Ann, even if you send me roses, my boss also sent me roses. What are you going to do with it?"

She winked hard, hoping that her son could figure out a way to sell the truck of flowers out.

Ann was lost in thought for a moment. He twisted his head and changed the topic. "Your boss has given you so many things. Shouldn't you give me some gift in return?"

"The last thing my boss needs is money."

"Come on! It doesn't matter whether you give him money or not. He just wants to give you something in return. You are so stupid. No wonder he made things difficult for you. "

Upon hearing this, Viola was a little uncertain. She wondered, 'Is this the reason why he bit me? Is it just because he wants a return gift from me?'

With a strange look on her face, Viola proposed in a dilemma, seemingly serious, "How about I bring him lunch?"

Ann nodded his head without any facial expressions. "Of course you can. There are dumplings I made in the fridge. You cook them tomorrow and take them with you."

On hearing this, a great sense of gratitude rose in Viola's heart. She held her son's hand and said, "Ann, you are so kind. Kiss kiss."

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