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   Chapter 63 . Get Caught

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After the movie, they walked out of the cinema together. Viola was in a state of being absent-minded for nine days.

The three people in front of her perceived that and stopped at the same time to look at her.

"Mrs. Qi, are you okay?" Elly looked concerned, but there was no trace of appreciation in her eyes.

Putting on a smile, she rubbed her belly and replied, "I'm fine."

She was just thinking about the whole night.

Maynard came forward and pulled her. "I'll drive you home. Chol, please take care of Elly."

Before he could say anything, Elly said with a subtle smile on her face, "Don't bother. Chol, just send Miss Qi to her house on behalf of Maynard."

"No problem." He wore an evil smile.

Viola's eyelids twitched a little, and she began to doubt what was on Elly's mind.

"Reporter Qi, what do you mean?" Maynard asked her to make the decision.

Almost at the same time, two cold gazes were fixed on Viola.

In front of the killing sights of Elly and Chol, she rubbed her hands, which were in a cold sweat somehow, and said, "No, thanks, Mr. Chu. I appreciate your kindness, so I decide to take a taxi by myself."

As soon as the words came out, their eyes disappeared, and a slight sigh of relief escaped from Viola's chest.

No matter which one it is, I dare not accept it. '.

If one of the men sent her home, he would force her to

It was lucky for him to escape from death last time. Who could be sure that she would be so lucky this time?

"Are you sure?" Maynard stared at her.

Though a shiver went down her spine, she still held on and nodded, "Whatever." His face was as cold as ice. After entering the underground parking lot, he started the engine and left, ignoring Elly.

A little dumbfounded.

"Viola, look what you have done!" The smile on Elly's face froze all of a sudden as soon as she heard Viola's answer. Furiously, she glared at her and said, "Maynard is driven away by fury. What should I do?"

Scolded Elly, Viola was pissed off to death.

Viola was confused. "How about Mr. Jin driving you?"

She didn't know what to say. The reason why Elly introduced Chol to Viola was that she hoped Viola could fall in love with another man. It was okay that it didn't work. What's more, she had made Maynard leave because of anger

"Don't blame her. She is too simple. She doesn't know what's on people's mind." Chol only added fuel to the flames. "Let me drive you home tonight, Elly."

Elly nodded to him and decided to talk about it another day.

Then, Chol went into the parking lot.

Viola actually wan

nstairs after a long time. It's suspicious."

Explained another security guard, Mr. Chen.

"There must be some mistake!" The policeman didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "One of them is Mr. Chu and his girlfriend. They don't need money at all."

How she wanted to raise her hand to say that she was short of money.

"What!" The two security guards were shocked.

The two of them looked carefully at the limited edition tailor-made suit and the handsome appearance as well as the inherent dignity. It was really not like a thief.

Maynard looked at the Patek Philippe around his wrist and said, "Now that everything is clear, can I leave now?"

"This way, please." The policeman gestured for an invitation.

"Excuse me, what about me?"

"Please, please." The policeman wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Hearing his words, a smile crept up on her face.

Before leaving, Maynard asked coldly, "Can you tell me who reported me?"

The guard Mr. Liu hesitated for a few seconds and replied, "I don't know where the snitch lives and when he called us, he introduced himself as Bob Zhang."

"Son of a bitch, I can't believe it? It's the name of a baby, okay? "

"No way!" Mr. Liu retorted, "When the person spoke out his name, we were also suspicious, but he wasn't angry, and he even showed a good attitude to show which word his name was and how polite he was!"

Maynard's face turned completely black.

After hearing what Simon said, Viola twitched her mouth. She had a vague suspect in her heart.

After saying goodbye to Maynard from the police station, Viola ran to Ann as soon as she got home.

She grabbed the computer from Ann's hand and winked, "Ann, which name do you use to call me?"

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