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   Chapter 60 Meet The Old Enemy

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Sitting in the car and listening to the wind whistling past her ears, Viola felt relieved and patted her over frightened heart. "Finally, I get rid of them."

"You seem to be afraid of those reporters. People are afraid of fame and being fat, aren't they?" The man responded with an enigmatic smile.

Thinking of what he had done, Viola clenched her fists. "What's your name?"

"Oh, Chol Jin!" After a pause, he continued, "Whether this is my real name. I can't tell you now."

Upon hearing this, Viola was very upset.

Staring at the man's back for a while, she finally asked, "Mr. Jin, have we met somewhere?"

Although he was angry, he looked a little familiar.

At the same time, in the front driver's seat, Chol Jin glanced at the woman through the rear-view mirror and raised his eyebrows, "Hey, reporter, I have to say that the poor tricks of you chasing after a handsome man, have been used up in the streets. So, I seriously suggest that you change to a new one."

Chasing after a handsome man? 'him?

His narcissism had taken her by great surprise. With a stiff face, she shut her mouth.

She looked out of the window at the stranger scenery, and gradually found that the trees on both sides of the road were getting dimmer and dimmer. She patted him on the shoulder at once. "Stop. You will leave A city."

With a nonchalant look on his face, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Little journalist, what are you worried about? It's still early now. How about we find a place to play?"

His voice was so ambiguous that it was hard for people to get rid of it.

A cold perspiration burst out from her feet.

She subconsciously pictured the recent news on the Internet about the twisted and lewd man who often abducted women to get in a car and tried to rape them.

On the other hand, she couldn't help but shiver while covering her mouth and couldn't sit still any more. Thus, she stood up and grasped his ear, "Stop the car right now, or I will turn you into an ear."

"Damn it! Are you crazy? " Being kicked by her, he trembled his hand and almost forgot to make the steering wheel.

All of a sudden, a screech of brake sounded. Viola leaned backward an

r known me before?"

Realizing that she had overreacted, Viola smiled awkwardly, "No, No."

"Really?" He stopped for a moment, but quickly put on his casual look again.

Viola covered her forehead, waved her hand and denied, "No, no, I don't know some man who looks like a woman."

She seemed to see a girl biting her handkerchief and crying in front of a pile of cash which was worth 40 thousand yuan and had already gone away.

Although her heart hurt badly, she She had no choice but to admit it.

After throwing a deep look at her, he put on his sunglasses again, opened the door and sat on the driver's seat.

Quickly, she grabbed the seat belt and pretended to ask casually, "Mr. Jin, where are you going?"

"Of course we've come back from the same way. It's near the sea. We don't have much to eat or drink. It's not easy to have fun in a bar." Of course for the first second, he could change it to a disgusted look the next second.

Viola pointed at himself and said in a low voice. "Mr. Jin, I just want to ask you a question. Are you leaving now?"

She got panicked at the thought that he didn't plan to get her in his car.

"It's up to you." Eyes twinkling, he shrugged his shoulders.

Wearing a forced smile, she asked, "Now that you are leaving, can you take me back by the way?"

"We are not familiar with each other. You can ask someone else for help." He reached out his hand, trying to grab the safety belt from her hand.

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