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   Chapter 48 Viola Decided To Fight Back

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It took Viola two hours to go back to the kitchen of the villa. After two hours, she finally boiled the bone and put it into the heat preservation box.

Viola closed the lid, rolled her eyes and said, "Maynard's got a brain injury, not a bone injury. He needs to nourish his brain. What's the use of bone refining?"

"What did you say?" A plastic bag containing fruits was carried in, but Elly didn't expect to hear what she said. She grabbed Viola's hand and said, "Tell me what happened."

Viola was suddenly taken aback. She patted her chest and said, " Do you know about Mr. Chu's car accident?"

The puzzled expression on Viola's face was evident.

"No wonder the atmosphere was strange recently. Brother Chu didn't come back." Elly's face turned pale. "When did this happen?"

"It's the evening on which Mr. Chu and I take part in a dinner party," said Viola without thinking.

"Were you with Brother Chu that day?" Elly's eyes darkened and she raised her voice.

Her sharp nails pierced into her palms, and hatred of the past flooded over her.

If she didn't give her a tough time, she wouldn't know her identity.

Viola's eyelids twitched. She suddenly had a bad feeling. "Well, well..." She seemed to have said something improper.

"Which hospital and which ward is Brother Chu in?" Elly held back her excitement and stared at Viola.

It was not until then that a tinge of relief on Viola's mind. She told her honestly, "Mr. Chu is in No. 9 ward of the Grand Hospital."

"I'll keep that in mind. Thank you." In a blink of an eye, Elly grabbed the thermos box from Viola's hand and rushed out.

Viola ran out and shouted, "Stop!"

She had been making soups for two hours!

When a few steps out of the hall, a few words appeared in her mind: 'She is done!'

"Daddy, daddy, where are we going?"

The phone rang untimely.

When she saw that it was Maynard calling on the screen of the cellphone, a sense of helplessness came to her. She pressed the answer key and said, "Hello."

"Come over here."

As soon as he finished saying that, Maynard hung up the phone.

Viola kicked the garden to vent her anger.

When she looked at the screen, it was 18:00 PM. There was nothing she could

can imprison me all my life. "

She sat on the table in front of the mirror and decided not to go out, but

She took out her phone and turned on the recording function.

"Viola, I have a lesson by locking you in the bathroom today. If you are smart enough, don't expose who made the bone soup today."

As she stood outside of the door, Elly made a threat.

When the high heel shoes sound outside the door faded away, Viola saved the sound she had recorded.

"I'm so clever," said Viola, clapping her little face and self-boasting

She opened the piggy cutting game she had downloaded recently in a leisurely manner. While playing the games, she attentively took every fruit that appeared on the screen as the heads of Maynard and Elly.

An hour later, the door was opened from the outside, and two bodyguards came in. When they saw a woman who was happily cutting fruit, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

"Miss Qi, Mr. Chu is looking for you." One of the bodyguards called her.

Without raising her head, Viola stared at the screen, her left finger sliding across the screen, "Don't be noisy, wait until I win."

The two bodyguards exchanged a glance and reached an agreement.

Being caught in front of Maynard and announced that the game had failed, Viola unwillingly looked at Maynard and Elly sitting on the bench by the bed.

"Reporter Qi, where have you been?" Maynard closed the laptop. His face looked gloomy.

"I fell into the bathroom."

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