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   Chapter 41 Mr. Chu Won

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All of a sudden, someone grabbed the invitation letter from her hand when she was so tired.

There was nothing on her hand. When she came to herself and saw the invitation card in Maynard's hand, she was filled with anger.

When Elly and she grappled with each other, Maynard didn't make any move. When they ran out of energy, he would be the winner.

Viola was on the verge of breaking down. How she wished she could put the sack on him and beat him up.

When Maynard, who was sitting on the hanging chair and holding the invitation card in his hand, wore a somewhat provoking smile on his face. She grasped his sleeve at once and said coquettishly, "Mr. Chu, look at you. Since Yesenia is so popular, she invites you to attend her 25th birthday party three days later. Why didn't you tell me about it?"

She blamed herself in her heart. If she had known it earlier, she would not have played the recorder at all. She would have tried her best to please him so as to take this chance to attend the banquet.

"When should I tell you?" Maynard's voice was long and magnetic, indicating danger.

A shiver went down Viola's spine.

Elly, who was standing beside, was unwilling to give up. She went over and bumped into her with her shoulder. Fortunately, Viola held the table with her hands so that she wouldn't fall to the ground.

She took a deep breath and raised her head. The scene she saw almost pissed her off.

Wearing a pair of red and tearful eyes, Elly imitate her and grabbed Maynard's broken sleeve, saying, "Brother Chu, I want to go to the party with you."

At the first sight of the invitation, Viola thought it was not a bad idea. Not to be outdone, she walked forward, pushed through him and reached directly for the invitation card in Maynard's hand.

It seemed that Maynard had been prepared for that. He opened the paw of Viola and warned in a casual manner, "Reporter Qi, you'd better be honest. There is only one invitation card."

The implication was that if anyone was hurt during the scramble, no one would get away with it.

"He's right. Don't try to stir up trouble!" Elly was just mocking at her.

Viola was choked. She rubbed her hands embarrassingly, pretending to be surprised and considering for the other party. She asked with a smile, "Mr. Chu, there i

ng grabbed and said.

Viola nodded her head.

Maynard lifted her chin with a teasing expression in his eyes. While stroking her skin with his hand slowly, he asked, "Then how will you repay me?"

A cold shiver ran down her spine. She took a few steps back to get rid of his hand, which was rubbing her chin. "Mr. Chu, are you kidding? It seems that I can't cooperate with you."

With these thoughts in his mind, Maynard walked forward with his slender and straight legs, held her waist with his arms and said patiently, "I never joke at you."

After choosing the color, size and style of the dress, Elly raised her head to look at the scene. Throwing her cellphone away, she rushed to the middle of the two and said, "Brother Chu, what are you discussing about? Let me have a look too."

A smile played at the corners of Maynard's mouth. He meant something. "Somebody is trying his best to please me."

Hearing that, Elly raised her hand and slapped on Viola's face.

"Miss Xia, shouldn't you hit Mr. Chu? I'm innocent!" Viola explained in a low voice, even not intending to dodge her attack.

What the hell was going on!

"I'll tear you apart first. I'll explain everything to you!" The little face turned red with anger, and Elly continued to slap her.

Then Viola started to run.

Maynard cast a look at the watch on his wrist and withdrew the expression on his face. All of a sudden, he became impatient. He asked the bodyguards, who had returned from the training camp, to come in and throw the two women out.

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