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   Chapter 38 Blackmail

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She raised her head to look at Maynard, who was sitting at the desk and reading documents. After hesitating for a while, she bit the bullet and asked, "Mr. Chu, where is the family medicine box?"

If the wound was so serious that she hadn't applied medicine, she would be afraid that she couldn't walk anymore.

Maynard left the chair, walked up to her, looked at her, turned around and walked out of the door.

She didn't expect Maynard to be so indifferent and apathetic. She cursed in her heart, 'ungrateful man.' just a second ago, and then he walked back in an instant.

At the same time, he got a new medical kit in his hand.

After Maynard had cleaned her wounds and now he was helping apply medicine to her wounds. A mixed feeling set in her heart.

While he was concentrating on applying cotton onto her knees, she raised her eyes and stole a glance at him.

Maynard looked focused, and his eyelids were covered with a thick layer of eyelashes. From her angle, every one of them was very clear and long.

As if being cursed, she reached for one. She hadn't even touched the eyelid of the man in front of her, but she had bumped into him.

It was not until she was held in his arms that she came back to her senses. When she remembered what she had done, she felt extremely sad.

She smiled sheepishly. "Mr. Chu, i... I might have been drugged."

Maynard lifted her chin and kissed her on her lips. It was too late when she realized that she had to push him away. It was a kiss more intense than a kiss that greeted her.

It was dark. The street lights on both sides of the street shone on her thin figure, which gave her some inexplicable pity.

She limped into the house and opened the door of her own house. After entering it, she lay down on the sofa as if she was bonless.

"Why do you come back so late? Are you working overtime?" Hearing the noise, Ann came out in his lovely pajamas.

Though trying hard to cheer herself up, she couldn't help yawning, "Yes, I have no choice. For the salary, I have to work hard."

"If you can explain what's wrong with your mouth, maybe I will trust you." He found a small mirror and threw it to her.

Taking it over, Joyce looked at herself in the mirror. She found herself pretty and attractive. Her cheeks were r

to blackmail me.

She pointed to the door without hesitation and shouted angrily, "Get out!"

She was so poor that no one dared to rob her. It was intolerable!

Viola was so angry that her chest was heaving. Her face was as red as the burning clouds in the sky. Sea stared straight at her and walked towards her.

"Actually, I like you very much. If you give me the hush money and spend the night with me, I will keep secret for you."

Sea asked as he ground his teeth and rubbed his hands.

Viola was so frightened that she stepped back in panic. "Don't come over! I'm calling for help! "

"Go ahead, so that you can not clear yourself!" Without fear, Sea laughed maliciously.

When she ran into a hard wall behind her, Sea got close to her and touched something on her hand. Thinking of that it was her son, she took out her hand and turned Sea on the wheel to get him dazzling.

Sea let out a scream and fell down to the ground. It was not long before he passed out, and Viola sat on the ground, sweating.

She finally calmed down and took out her cell phone with trembling hands to call the police.

The next day, Viola, who had stayed up all night, went into the company with Maynard listlessly with dark circles.

She put the cup of coffee on the table beside Maynard's. He saw it by accident, and the corners of his mouth twitched. "Viola, what's wrong with you?"

A few moments ago, Viola was in a trance. When she heard his question, she came to her senses and shook her head. "No, I didn't."

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