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   Chapter 34 Seeing Something Not Supposed to See

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The light of the table lamp shone on the glass of the bathroom. She saw a man washing himself under the lotus head. The transparent glass was covered with layers of mist. Even so, she could still vaguely see the splashing of water when he shook his head, and a tall and straight figure

Viola could not help but swallow hard.

Realizing that she was swallowing because of a looming figure, she covered her face silently and disdained herself extremely.

After Maynard finished his shower, she saw that he was wrapped in a towel around his wheat colored chest and the part below his waist, while his strong right hand wiped the water drops from his hair with the towel.

Although he was wiping, there were still one or two naughty water drops sliding down along the hair tip to her chest. She stared at the water drop uncontrollably, and suddenly wanted to wipe it off, and then she touched it

She was shocked by her lustful look. To hide such an inexplicable thought, she shook her head. "You've finished taking a bath. It's my turn."

"The lamp is over there." Maynard wiped his dripping hair with a clean towel and walked around her to the bed.

She suddenly remembered that she saw Maynard's body because of the lamp, would he have the same feelings when she washed it

She was a little square now.

"What are you doing there?" After Maynard wiped his head with a towel, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Are you afraid of taking a bath?"

Like a cat which was trodden on the tail, Viola was not to be outdone. She insisted, "Never mind! ."

"You don't have any clothes to change." Without raising his head, Maynard told the truth plainly.

All of a sudden, she couldn't move an inch as if her vital acupoints were attacked.

She almost forgot that it was his office. How could he get her clothes?

However, when she looked at him, she felt relieved. "You must have used a clean towel. Please lend it to me."

"It's mine. I don't want to borrow it from you." Maynard threw a glance at her and refused bluntly.

She felt a mouthful of blood stuck in her throat, and she didn't know how to respond. Feeling very aggrieved, she said, "Mr. Chu, we're so familiar with each other. Please don't regard me as an outsider."

"What's our relationship?" Maynard looked at her with great interest.

She tried to recall an

turned her head to look at Maynard, who seemed to be sleeping. She said tentatively, "Mr. Chu, are you asleep?"

He didn't respond.

With great concern, Viola came over to his bed. "Mr. Chu, are you asleep?" she asked

Still nothing happened.

But Viola didn't give up. She put her hand on his face and said, "Mr. Chu, you're asleep. No, you're not."

All of a sudden, Maynard opened his eyes and sat up, supporting one of his hands on the bed. In the dim light of the table lamp, his face looked horribly black.

"Viola, stop quarreling and throw you down from the second floor!" A pair of cold eyes swept over him, and he pulled a long face.

She could feel the dangerous aura filling her face, so she shrank her shoulders and said, "Mr. Chu, calm down. Impulsion is a devil. You can't let it take control of your mind and behavior, though you think you're no longer young."

"That's what you think." In an instant, fury overcame him, but he laughed instead.

Viola pointed at her finger and smiled sheepishly. "Mr. Chu, what you think is right. I'm willing to take the blame."

"Reporter, it seems that you really want to taste how it feels to fall down from the second floor." Maynard fumbled. He looked like a sleepy man

Viola shook her head like a machine, "No. I will go back to sleep right away."

However, she didn't expect that her hands were pulled at the same time. She didn't prepare for that as she was pressed under the suit of Maynard all of a sudden.

The bath towel on her body slipped down to the ground and she felt cold,

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