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   Chapter 29 Embarrassment

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Afterwards, Viola remembered the scene that she was run into. She sat on the sofa with a messy chicken head and looked at the man who was smoking his cigar and looking handsome to everyone with resentment.

Her head was even more painful. She scratched her hair, picked up the teacup on the table and threw it to him, but she stopped in front of him.

A big smile appeared on her face. "Mr. Chu, what should we do? Are we going to die?"

"Shut up!" A look of dissatisfaction could be seen on Maynard's face. "What do you say?" he asked.

She felt like weeping but had no tears.

She had always thought herself to be high-minded, but she had failed because of Maynard again and again. She was not reconciled.

She had so strong resentment that she had cried out by accident.

"Unwilling?" Maynard put out the cigar in the ashtray and sneered, "If my memory serves me right, you throw yourself at me."

A slight and flattering smile passed on Viola's face. She said, "Mr. Chu, please don't say that. I was angry at that time."

"Well, you can go out now." Maynard ignored her and asked her to leave.

Viola gnashed her teeth and left with a messy hair, which made people in the company look at her again and again along the way.

At first, she only thought they were drugged wrongly. After entering the washroom and seeing her real appearance, she covered her face dejectedly.

At the moment, she lost the courage to walk out.

The next day, she learned to cook rice porridge well instead of cooking those messy dishes.

At least she wouldn't get sick when the porridge was fed.

In fact, it was true. Maynard didn't touch the food cooked by her at all. She was the one who enjoyed the fruit of her labor.

The breakfast was reluctantly over. At the end of the breakfast, they went to the company together.

When she went out to get some coffee, Emily came around with ten colleagues.

Glancing at them, Viola felt nervous, but she didn't show it on her face. "Can you make way for me?"

In case the coffee from spilling on the ground like last time, she protected the coffee carefully.

"Miss Qi, today is the fifth day you are working in the company. We are very happy. A small gift. Hope you don't mind."

Her smile was like an iceberg that melted, which frightened Viola a lot.

When they went away, the table behind her was filled with all kinds of gifts. She was so scared that she almost threw the coffee out.

She swallowed hard and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"It was just a joke. Don't take it seriously." "I don't know who is so blind. He said that you were promoted by your inner relations. We have a misunderstanding that you are promoted by your own strength," added Rose.

"Yes, yes!" Echoed the crowd.

In fact, she really wanted to tell them that it was not appropriate for them to lie through their teeth?

"Daddy, daddy, where are we going?"

Her cell phone rang. She walked to a quieter place to answer the phone.

As soon as she left, the smiles on those people's faces disappeared.

"Miss Liu, since she is the boss's good friend, why didn't the boss avenge her?" Rose asked Emily in a low voice.

"It doesn't matter. We can't offend her. If she gives us a hard time, we'll suffer." said Emily.

"That's more like it." Rose nodded in agreement.

The scene they saw yesterday was so vivid in everyone's eyes now. They could not believe that the president, who usually looked like a high mountain flo

wer, could have such an active side.

They thought Viola was just an insignificant person yesterday and planned to insult that Viola bully them.

Now thinking of that, she had lost the game. She felt a sharp pain on her face.

After answering the phone, Viola found that everyone was already getting their own things to do. She looked at the heaps of things on the table, and her mouth couldn't help but twitch uncontrollably.

They had been so nice to her since this morning.

The coffee was poured by someone, and the documents were sorted out by someone. Hence, she was quite free.

However, she was scared. Thinking for a moment, she ran up to Maynard and asked in a flattering tone, "Mr. Chu, are you thirsty or hungry?"

"Tell me, what do you want from me?" Maynard said and took a sip of the coffee. With his legs crossed, he thought of the scene that everyone fawned on Viola before. His eyes flashed slightly.

Viola rolled her eyes. She smiled and said, "Mr. Chu, how do you know?"

Maynard snorted in a strange way.

Wearing an expression of bitterness, Viola looked at him pitifully and said, "Mr. Chu, something is wrong with your company's personnel. They have sent me a lot of gifts. Can you ask someone to handle them for me? And could you give me a day off this afternoon? "

After saying that, she felt rather uneasy.

"You can leave now." Maynard didn't even raise his head.


"I have approved your leave. Hurry up and leave." Maynard was very impatient, furrowing his eyebrows tightly.

Coming out of her house, Viola changed a light yellow dress. She didn't expect that Maynard didn't make trouble for her. She was very delighted, but more surprisingly, she wondered when Maynard became so easy-going.

At that time, her mobile phone rang. She clicked it and found the message was from the famous sunny KTV in A city. She was confused for a while, but still took a taxi to tell him the address.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Viola went into the KTV and led by the staff to Room 305.

It was a little dark inside and the light above was switching in the room.

Viola found that it was very lively inside but no one was singing. She felt strange and saw a woman with a diamond tiara walking towards her, "Viola, saw you at the University. Long time no see." She pounced on her and gave her a hug.

With her hands wandering in the air, Viola asked uncertainly, "Are you Fancis Liang?"

"Yes, we used to live in the same dormitory. You can't forget me so soon." Fancis Liang released her and covered her mouth, smiling, People who were chatting happily all stopped talking when they noticed the arrival of Viola.

"Fancis Liang, who is this beautiful woman?" A young man with dyed hair whistled.

He dressed like a bad young man. Viola doubted that he was under age.

"She's Viola, my classmate in college. You have to call her elder sister." Fancis Liang dragged Viola over to the table and slapped the young man's head.

Then Viola looked around and saw the other four men. They were her classmates too, but she was not familiar with them.

Even so, she still felt embarrassed when thinking of that thing in the past.

Holding her bag tightly unconsciously, she dared not to breathe deeply.

"Come, sit down. Let's have a good chat." Fancis Liang held the nervous Viola, a soft smile appearing on her face.

There was nothing Viola could do but sit down. She hoped it was just a simple party Fine.

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