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   Chapter 28 She Was Well Known

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Since then, Viola had bad luck.

The coffee was smashed to the ground; the cold water from the washroom poured on her face. When she was in the CEO Office, she was being scolded.

"You are being unreasonable recently. Are you blaming me indirectly?" With his hands clasped on the table, Maynard sat square.

It was a hot summer day outside, but Viola felt the room was cold and snowy.

"No, no," hurried an explanation, after rolling her eyes over and over again She would like to do that, but she really didn't.

"Clap!" A folder hit her feet.

"Then you can tell me just now in the meeting room, the documents to attract investment. How can it become such thing after all the people open it?" Jay took a deep breath and pinched the temples beside his nose wearily.

With her legs folded, Viola lowered her head to look at the file bag on the ground. Immediately, a colorful comic book was exposed.

Since she was splashed by cold water, she felt a little cold and couldn't help but gently cough.

She explained with a bitter smile, "Mr. Chu, I don't know how it has changed from a business document to a lovely godly bury, but I really didn't do it!"

"Oh, it wasn't you. Did someone want to frame you?" Maynard's eyes were as sharp as knives. He looked at her up and down arrogantly.

"Yes! What do you think? " She had never been so unlucky, except for being poor.

"Haha!" Maynard sneered coldly, "Why did they frame you? Can you speak it out? "

Viola pointed at her own finger, deliberately glanced at him in shyness and said, "Mr. Chu, they said that we had relationship and disliked me, so they played tricks on me. You can't leave me alone!"

"So you deserve it." The corners of Maynard's eyes twitched slightly. He decisively called Julie in and said, "Take her out of here."

Julie didn't let her go until she was taken to the corridor.

"Miss Qi, I have heard about what happened recently. Many people said that you didn't win Mr. Chu's heart and he didn't consider for you, so they..." Julie paused, with a subtle look on her face, "They bully the weak person".

Viola nodded. She had been living a hard life ever since she signed the contract of shame.

Everyone in the company knew her now. In other words, she was well known.

"Miss Qi, the best way now is to have Mr. Chu back you up." Julie patted her on the shoulder and comforted in a low voice, "The man will be happy if you say some sugared words to him."

Trying to resist the urge to hit the wall, Viola chuckled and said, "I have nothing to do with Mr. Chu."

"I know." Julie thought of what Viola had said before she entered the room, and she added, "But it's not time to have a fight now."

She was the first one to draw the president's attention, so as his assistant, she was naturally willing to do her a favor.

Viola was speechless. She felt that countless crows flew over her head in groups.

Would it be impossible for her to clear herself in the rest of her life?

How could she prove her innocence? Just thinking about it made her mind a mess.

In the afternoon, Viola went to the monitoring room. It was a young man. She pulled out a chair and sat next to him, explaining her purpose pitifully.

The man kept his eyes fixed on the monitor screen and said without looking back, "Miss Qi, we can't get this video for anyone."

Viola opened her eyes wide and looked inconceivable. She patted the table with both hands and said, "

Really? I just want to see the surveillance video from ten o'clock to eleven o'clock this morning. Can you do me a favor? "

If there was no surveillance video, how could she catch the culprit?

Although Maynard hadn't said that she had violated the contract, what if, what if?

"No, Miss Qi, you really have to see it, unless you get the approval of the president." He shrugged as if he could do nothing to help.

Viola lowered her head weakly.

After a fierce battle of thoughts, Viola, who was standing outside the office, knocked on the glass door.

"Come in." Maynard said. She cheered herself up, opened the door and walked in.

Trying her best to put a restraint on her increasingly unhappy feelings, she said with a smile on her face, "Mr. Chauncy, I'm very sorry for what happened this morning, but please give me a chance."

"Now you know you are wrong?" Maynard closed the file in his hand and finally gave her a face.

Though confused, she still clarified, "I didn't do anything wrong. I already have evidence that I was framed."

"Okay." Maynard seemed not interested.

She bit her lower lip and went on, "Mr. Chu, please permit me to go to the monitoring room and get today's video."

Margaret acted against her conscience and intentionally made her voice sound soft and delicate.

"No way." Maynard rejected with a poker face.

"Why not?"

"Yes, you are wrong. Don't blame it on others." Maynard left the hanging chair and sat down on the leather sofa. "It's not the first time you have done such kind of thing, let alone the first time," he said.

Viola clenched her fists and her face tensed. Suddenly, she thought of something and guessed boldly: "You are not willing to help me, are you deliberately playing tricks on me?"

Maynard choked, covered his lips, coughed and looked away.

Although he didn't say anything, his actions had already betrayed him!

In a huff, Viola rushed over to him, threw him on the sofa, and thumped his chest with her little fist. "Maynard, I'll fight you to death! How dare you bully me! "

"Viola, do you know what you are doing?" Maynard clenched her hands with clenched teeth. "Get off me right now!" he ordered.

Viola was about to bite him. "I will bite you to death!"

Maynard cursed in a low voice and turned over. When he came to himself, she was already under his body.

She had a bad feeling that Maynard is above her. "Let me go!" she yelled at him.

"Weren't you very arrogant before?" Maynard spat. Hearing that, he hummed with satisfaction.

He almost pressed her to death, bent over and tried to bite her. However, when he put his hand under her arm, she felt the itch.

The fact that she was poked in the weakness made her itchy and afraid. She laughed so hard that tears could spill over her eyes. "Let it go. Don't move there!"


A group of people burst into the room. They were all shocked when they saw such a scene. The room was in a mess. One of them was Emily who was still about to knock on the door.

"President... President..." when she came to herself, she didn't know what to say.

Little did she know about all this. She was laughing like a cat on hot bricks.

When Maynard saw someone break in, he realized that it was beneath his dignity to scratch her. He walked from Viola to the ground and cast a cold glance at the crowd. "Get out!"

Those who broke in scattered in all directions, for fear of losing their jobs.

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