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"Okay. Viola, please hurry up." Maynard cast a glance at his Patek Philippe watch on his wrist and urged her impatiently.

Trying to control her anger, she almost choked out.

At this critical moment, she could only think hard, and nothing else could replace her own blood and seal.

Suddenly, something occurred to her, and her eyes lit up.

She opened her white bag which was thrown on the sofa, and fumbled in it for a long time before taking out a lipstick.

Thinking that the lipstick was bought recently, she took off the small cap with a painful expression on her face, and carefully applied the cream on the left finger.

It was time to take back the two agreements and pressed two fingerprints on the signature of her own bitterly.

Maynard observed all her actions quietly and raised his eyebrows slightly.

An expression of complacency showed on her face in an instant. She raised her voice and said, "Mr. Chu, it seems that you have to sign your name and press the fingerprint? You should do the same."

"Give it to me." Maynard said.

To avoid him tearing apart the documents, she gave him one and held the other tightly in her arms.

There was a hint of gloating smile in her clear and bright eyes.

There was no mud stains on the ink, wasn't there? Shouldn't they leave a fingerprint? She wanted to see how he could leave her fingerprint!

Maynard didn't flare up. Instead, he picked up the pen cap, wrote his name on it and wrote it on Party B.

Standing not far away, Viola craned her neck to have a look at the words Maynard wrote. The handwriting was vigorous and graceful, much better than hers.

Even though Viola was a bit uneven, she reminded herself with a smile on her face, "Mr. Chu, you didn't leave the fingerprint on your finger! No, I can't. well, let me cut your hand. "

She took the knife in her hand and was eager to have a try.

A mocking smile appeared on Maynard's face

When she was about to say something, the silent bodyguard took out a box of ink from his pocket, and opened it. She was immediately stunned.

"Someone is stupid." Maynard said meaningfully. He touched the ink with his thumb and then put it under his name.

Upon hearing what he had said, she almost dropped the knife on his face. Her hand trembled.

She ordered herself to calm down, put the fruit knife back on the table, and grabbed the document from his hand.

A file which was going to be signed with signature was handed over to him by Viola. She shouted angrily, "Liar! He said that there was no hand print. When you lie to others, can you lie to the end? "

Her lipstick was ruined in this way!

Chauncy put the rest of the signature in his hand and put it down. Then his narrow eyes raised slightly. "All is fair in war."

Viola wanted to retort, "You are shameless."

However, considering that she had to live under him for the past three months, she was sensible not to tell him what she wanted to say.

"Please have a contract with me. Reporter, wish us a pleasant time from tomorrow on." Maynard passed the paper to a bodyguard and lazily leaned against the sofa, Said Viola, wearing a careless smile on her face.

She clenched the contract in her hand and decided to go back home and find a safe place to protect it carefully. If the other party turned against her, it would be hard evidence in the future.

Since then, she had been through a living hell, especially in the morning.

In the morning, she prepared the breakfast very early. The food looked bad. However, Maynard didn't eat it at all, nor did he let Viola cook it again, but let her eat it.

When she saw the dark lumps of meat on the plate, Viola looked at him with an exp

ression of resistance on her face. "Mr. Chu, can I not eat them?"

Her heart still fluttered with fear whenever she thought of the porridge she ate last time.

Hearing the contract, Maynard raised his eyebrows slightly and took a sip of the milk in his cup. "What's the item in the contract?" he asked.

Viola wanted to cry and replied, "Under the condition of not breaking the line of Party A, Party A must obey the order of Party B."

Maynard picked up a folded perfect rice cloth. Pursing his lips, he asked, "Tell me. What's your bottom line?"

Without thinking, Viola blurted out, "Don't touch me!"

"I just ask you to eat something. I never go against your bottom line. On the contrary, if you don't eat something, it will be against your contract." A faint smile played at the corners of Maynard's mouth.

A shiver went down her spine. She then laughed and said, "Mr. Chu, I didn't do anything wrong. I'm just eating."

She couldn't bear to see it.

She was about to make a omelet, but the fire was so scorching that she poured some sauce in order to cover up the truth. It turned out that it was all black, and no one dared to eat it.

"Then eat quickly. You have to go to the company with me later." A glint of amusement flashed across Maynard's eyes, and he was in a pretty good mood.

After a quick and deep struggle in her heart, she closed her eyes and quickly finished the omelet.

Maynard arrived at the Chu group. After entering the CEO's office, Viola ran into the lady's washroom.

Fifteen minutes later, she came out of the restroom. After washing her hands with liquid soap, she dried her hands with a tissue and threw the tissue into the trash can.

Covering her sore stomach, Viola walked out of the room. She then walked past the three professional women.

When she walked to the corridor, she inevitably recalled the taste of the dark omelet. Suddenly, she felt a stomachache, so she had to go back to the washroom.

"Hi, Emily Liu. Your bracelet is the most popular style of summer. It's so beautiful. By the way, who is the woman that just walked out of the washroom?"

She suddenly heard people talking about her from inside, so she couldn't help but lean against the wall outside the corridor and eavesdrop.

The three didn't notice the change at all.

"She is not our regular employee, or a rookie. And she is not a relative of our CEO. So, who do you think she is?"

A strong female voice sounded and answered the woman's question. Viola guessed that she was the Emily Liu that the weak female had mentioned.

Viola rolled her eyes at the ceiling. Why were these people so gossipy?

"Sister Emily Liu, Rose Li, I heard that many people were gossiping about the indescribable relationship with CEO."

Another envious voice said.

A drop of sweat dripped from Viola's forehead.

"Of course, she does. She often goes in with our CEO. Isn't there anything special about it?" Emily Liu said, "She is just a shameless woman who only deals with her body. No big deal!"

Hearing them say such unkind words, Viola went inside and knocked on the door intentionally, with her voice raised, "Oh, some people envy me. You can try!"

She studied her fingernails in a pretended elegant manner. Although she had no idea what was elegant, she was still pretending.

The three women's faces were pale. But they didn't dare to talk back. At the same time, they scurried out of the room, apparently they had some scruples.

Viola shook her head, she didn't understand why they were so gossipy and chatted so happily in the washroom.

She didn't get her point, but she had no time to think about it. With a long face, she hurried into the washroom.

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