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   Chapter 26 Just Mind Your Own Business

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The bodyguards escaped quickly, so Viola failed to kick them. Her anger did not abate but increased.

When she thought of the purpose of her coming, she was not happy. "Maynard, if you're unhappy with me, come at me. let go of the members of the magazine."

Viola bit her lips angrily. It was all her fault. If she didn't solve it, she would feel sorry for them and don't want to face life danger when going out.

"I refuse." Maynard raised his eyebrows, but obviously, he was not interested in her suggestion at all. He stood up and went upstairs. Before taking a glance at her, he said, "You'd better stay here obediently."

He drove away a dozen of bodyguards by the way. It seemed that in his eyes, Viola could not make any big trouble at this time.

Watching his receding figure, Viola blew out a lock of hair that covered her eyes, and said ferociously, "You'll see! I don't believe you can do that!"

Like this, Viola was tied for three hours. During this time, she shouted abuse at the people upstairs, but nobody responded at all.

Tired of scolding, she tried more than once to unlock the door.

Maybe God had seen her efforts, or maybe her hard work paid off, she obviously felt that the rope on her body began to be loosened, and she was complacent about it.

To her surprise, two bodyguards came over and deliberately tied her up again.

She watched the bodyguard leave with a dull look in her eyes. It took quite a while for Viola to react. She was so anxious that her eyes turned red. "Maynard, get out! Come out! Don't play dumb with me! "

Hearing the endless cries of fear and alarm from him, Maynard, who had come through every means, stood at the corridor upstairs, with his hands on the handrail in a casual manner. "This morning, I asked somebody to install a monitor in the living room. I advise you not to play any tricks!" he said in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, Viola almost took her breath away. It turned out that she was just a contemptible scoundrel in his eyes after being tortured for so long!

She was hurt a lot!

Depressed, she looked like a deflated balloon in front of him, saying in a cold voice, "You've tied me up for three hours. How can you let go of me and the people from the magazine?"

Her stomach started to rumble out of disappointment. She was so full of grief and indignation that she hadn't had lunch yet!

Maynard went downstairs along the stairs at the entrance of the staircase. Hearing the loud sound of her stomach, he told her kindly, "It's very simple. You will be the housekeeper for three months to wash and cook in the villa, and you will follow me when I'm working. That's all up to now."

Viola rolled her eyes and flushed with anger. "There are so many of them!"

"I don't want to do that. Okay, keep tied." Maynard said indifferently.

Viola panicked, bore the pain in her heart and compromised, "I agree, I agree, OK?"

She felt like weeping but had no tears. It was the same as being stabbed.

"Good." A smile appeared on Maynard's thin lips. Then he asked somebody to come in and untie her.

With her hands off the rope, Viola stood on the glass tea table and saw a bodyguard coming down the stairs and putting two documents in front of her.

Under the hint of Maynard's eyes, Viola picked it up. The file was divided into two parts, with three black words:.

Clenching the documents, she spluttered, "what do you mean?"

"In case both sides can't keep their words, it's better to leave evidence. Otherwise, we both are worried." Maynard said in an indifferent tone, "Sign your name and leave the fingerprint if you have no objections."

Glancing at him, she was sort

of on the alert, "I have to watch it carefully once, or I won't cry when you do something!"

"As you like!" Maynard, who was sitting opposite her, tapped slightly on the tea table with his slender finger.

A glare appeared on Viola's face.

Finally, she lowered her head in front of the evil power and opened the contract and began to read it carefully.

It was clearly indicated on the contract that Party A should work as a nanny for three months on behalf of Party B. during this period, Party B should act on call whenever party a pointed to, including washing and cooking, and stick closely to Party A's interests. Party B promised that Party B would not make trouble for Party A and magazine employees.

The two documents were checked at the same time, and there was no trap found for the time being, but the next second, she stood up abruptly.

She raised the two agreements and was extremely unhappy. "You let me come here at seven o'clock every day, and I go home at six o'clock in the evening. But it also says that I can't fall in love during this period, can't be together with other men, and can't marry. What is it?"

What's more, it was written in bold black. It was really eye-catching! He was so crazy and domineering.

"You seem to have a problem with it." Maynard stated in a calm tone.

"It's none of your business. Change it."

"I have the final say. You have no right to negotiate with me." Maynard was not angry but felt awed. He looked at the bodyguard beside him and said, "You don't agree with it. Tie her up and lock her in a small dark room for a whole day."

As soon as the bodyguard took action, Viola embraced herself and compromised. "Don't act rashly. I'll sign! I'll sign!"

It was only three months. She could do whatever she wanted after that.

She took the guide pen on the table and wrote her name on the paper with the signature of Party A at the right corner of the contract.

After that, she pushed the pen and paper in the direction of him, exasperated, "This is all right, are you satisfied?"

"Let's press the fingerprint first." Maynard didn't take a look at it at all. With an expressionless face, he expressed whether he was satisfied with them.

"You didn't even take out the hand print, how can I have a hand print now?"

"That's easy," Maynard said and gave the bodyguard a look.

The bodyguard took the hint and went into the kitchen to find a fruit knife and put it in front of her.

Looking at the sharp and sharp edge, she swallowed hard and said, "I seem to understand something. It's me, is it really what I think?"

"Yeah, cut your hand slightly, and blood is the best soil." Maynard sat straight and looked natural.

There was nothing good about her. She stepped back a few steps as she tried her best to distance herself from Maynard, fearing that she might be stabbed again by him.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead, and with a stiff expression on her face, she said, "Mr. Chu, it's just a gesture. Why are you so cruel?"

"Aren't you going to ask for print mud?" With his hands crossed in front of his chest, Maynard was in high spirits. "Now that I don't have clay seal, I can only think of such a local method. If you need clay seal, you can press this hand print. Besides, you can't do it to yourself. I don't mind letting someone help you do that," he added.

At the sight of that bodyguard, Viola hastily shook her head, "No, no, I'll figure it out by myself."

Just the thought of cutting herself made her flesh painful. At the same time, she realized that the pervert Maynard was deliberately making things difficult for her!

But she didn't dare to say anything.

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