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   Chapter 25 Missed The Opportunity

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"Thank you for your generosity." For a moment, Ivy's little face twisted.

Raising her thin and long eyebrows, Viola said, "If there's nothing else, I'll go first."

She didn't know what she had done wrong today that all bad things came together.

When she was about to turn around, Sea caught up with her and grabbed her wrist.

At the same time, outside the transparent glass, a black Audi car stopped there. The driver drove away at a rapid speed, gnawing into pieces on the ground.

Viola didn't know about this. Looking at Sea, who was still lying there, she felt upset.

"Don't go, Miss Qi. I still want to have an in-depth exchange with you." Sea giggled, sweat springing up on his forehead.

"Mr. Zhang, I'm really busy. I don't have much time."

"Nice to meet you. Who is he?" Ivy's eyes lit up at his words.

"Hello, I'm Viola's boyfriend."

Before Viola could explain anything, Sea stretched out his hand and said.

When his eyes fell on the designer clothes on Ivy and her beautiful face, he immediately put on a flattering smile.

His attitude was totally different from before. Viola wanted to beat him.

As soon as he finished speaking, Viola saw the mockery on Ivy's face.

"I didn't expect that you would choose such a bad man since you left Zarian. I know that you have changed a lot. " Without giving him a look, Ivy said sarcastically.

Blue veins stood out on the back of Viola's hand. When the waiter came to her with a cup of coffee, Viola took it over and fell down to their feet.

Two drops of coffee splashed on Ivy and Sea. They screamed as they thought the temperature was too high.

Viola sneered at them, picked up her bag, ignored their abuse, and walked straight out of the cafe.

When Viola was walking down the forest path in a low mood, her cell phone rang in her bag. She took it out and read the words "big devil" on the screen. She suddenly had an urge to smash her cell phone.

But she didn't have the money to buy the new phone if she had broken it. Thinking of that, she put a restraint on her anger and picked up the phone. "Mr. Chu, you're busy all day. Don't pay attention to me, okay?"

"Come to the villa now." Maynard said in a tough tone, allowing no one to change his mind.

Hearing what he said, Viola's face darkened. She turned her eyes and put the phone a little further," Hello, Mr. Chu, what did you say? My signal is bad. Don't hear you."

As soon as she finished speaking, she immediately pressed the phone and turned it off. She felt so refreshed.

When she went back to the gate of the residence estate and saw Stephanie pacing back and forth in the doorway, pacing back and forth anxiously. She kept calling, hanging up and then continuing to call. Knowing that things were not going well, Viola knew that something was wrong, so she turned around and was about to run away.

But Stephanie had already seen her. She pointed at her and shouted, "Catch her!"

As the fifteen bodyguards rushed over, they besieged Viola.

She recognized the man was Maynard's. Hearing his voice, she turned around stiffly and waved her hand with a very simple expression on her face. "Hi, chief editor. You're here. Is there anything I need to deal with?"

"Viola, how dare you!" Stephanie strode towards her and pointed at her nose. "How dare you offend Mr. Chu? Do you want all the people in our magazine to lose their jobs?"

"What! All of them? "

"Don't pretend to know nothing! If Mr. Chu didn't ask us to look for you and I didn't know which neighborhood you lived in, we would all be doomed!" Stephanie's face was twisted in anger.

At the thought of her son being run up by them

She shi

vered and promised. "Chief, I'll apologize to Mr. Chu right away. Beg him to let us go!"

Half an hour later, Viola, who was tied up, was sent to the villa's living room by the fifteen bodyguards.

When she stood on the wooden floor, the picture made her blood boil.

Maynard sat on the sofa with his legs overlapped. In a black shirt, he looked very elegant and mysterious. A part of his sleeve was rolled up, revealing his tight arm muscles. His slender right hand held a high wine glass and slightly shook it. The bright red wine was hung on the glass wall. After taking a sip and licking his lips, he looked like a vampire charming and fascinating.

If it had been someone else, she would fall in love with him. However, Viola was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said angrily, "Maynard, you bastard! "Come on, bastards! Let's hurt each other!"

She had been suffering there while he had time to drink red wine. She looked at the table and was surprised to find that it was Lafite produced in 1982.

In such a sharp contrast, if it were not for the bodyguards who caught her, she would have rushed up and fought for her life and death.

Viola was furious. As she didn't get any response, she became angrier. "Ask your men to let me go! Otherwise, I curse you to be poor, shameless and no talent!"

She just couldn't figure out why those bodyguards were so hard to deal with. After she said that she would go to the villa by herself, they tied her up as if they didn't hear her.

Because her hands were tied behind her back, her wrists were tied painfully by the rough rope, and she dared not move at all now.

Perhaps because of the loud voice, Maynard stopped shaking the glass in his hand for a while and gave a wink to the bodyguard.


Before Viola could react, she was pushed by the bodyguard from behind. Her knees hit hard on the cold and hard ground. The cold sweat rippled in her forehead, and her face was ghastly pale.

"Reporter, if you know you have made a mistake, please don't say that. It's not in ancient times. You don't have to kneel on both sides." He raised his eyes lightly to take a look at her. Shock was all over his face.

When she felt the piercing pain from her knees, she bit her lower lip with her white teeth, but she didn't cry out. She glared at them. "Don't flatter yourself. Let me go!"

"Tell me, what did you do today?" Maynard recalled the scene he saw outside the cafe when he was driving by. Frowning, he didn't answer her question.

Viola's little face wrinkled. Her anger was still lingering, but she did not continue to ask for trouble. "I just hung up your phone on purpose today, didn't I? Why did you treat me like that? "

He was so ruthless to get back at her for such a trivial matter!

"Is there anything else?" Maynard said casually.

She thought for a while. What happened to her in today flashed through her mind. Just when she was about to tell him, it suddenly occurred to her that her date had nothing to do with him!

Viola missed the opportunity, she asked: "What else?"

"Well, well, well!" He gently shook the goblet in front of him, which only had a small glass of red wine left in it. The look in his eyes was becoming colder and colder. "It seems that you won't be convinced until you are faced with reality." he said

If she didn't deceive him, he would let her go. Now it seemed not necessary. She was just a woman who would betray him.

Tied to a chair, Viola felt that Maynard was inexplicable. She raised her leg and kicked those guards who held a candle to the killer, said, "Maynard, you didn't take medicine this morning, right?"

What kind of illness had he committed!

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