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   Chapter 24 Weirdo And Rival In Love

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Viola poured some water for Mrs. Zhang and sat down with a smile. "Mrs. Zhang, what can I do for you?"

"Well, here is the thing." Seeing that Ann went back to his room, Mrs. Zhang said, "Viola, you've lived here for more than two years and we get along well with each other. I'm wondering if I should tell you something."

With a subtle look on her face, Viola leaned forward unconsciously, "What's there to talk about? I'm listening."

"It's hard for you to look after a child all by yourself. I have a distant nephew who is looking for a wife. It is suitable for you. I don't know if you are willing." Mrs. Zhang took a sip of water and looked at her with a smile.

Viola was as shocked as a wet hen. She thought for a while and chuckled: "I don't think it's necessary."

"Mommy, what grandma Zhang did is for your own good. Please just go." Ann rushed out, grabbed her sleeve and tried to persuade her, which was quite abnormal, "You're old. It's not good for you to be single."

Her heart was broken into pieces as she was just 25 years old.

After looking at the two of them, Mrs. Zhang boldly made the decision. "Okay, then it's done. I'll contact you tomorrow and tell you."

Tomorrow is weekend.

A few seconds later, a look of embarrassment came over Viola's face.

When Mrs. Zhang left, she closed the door, rested her hands on her hips and asked, "Ann, tell me the truth. How did Mommy treat you in the past?"

Ann thought for a while and answered, "It's okay."

After a short pause, Viola asked, "Then tell mommy, why do you suddenly feel that I should find a boyfriend?"

In the past, he had refused all of them. She was so bad that nobody was willing to marry her.

"I have said yes for you. It's up to me anyway." Ann's chubby little face was especially cold and arrogant.

"Don't you consider my opinion?"

"You are so silly. You can just ignore it." Ann hit her with a sharp tongue.

She felt like she was shot on the chest.

At two o'clock in the afternoon on the weekend, her son drove her to the best cafe shop in A city.

Margaret looked around and saw a mark of roses as the meeting mark on the No. 5 table. She looked at the girl carefully.

The man was bald. Viola didn't know if he had been shaved or not.

He was wearing a pair of beautiful shirts, shorts and a pair of slippers. Sitting at a table near the window on the left of the table, he was so excited that he was blowing up. The guests around him looked at him with angry eyes.

Coming back to her senses, Viola decided to leave. She didn't want to be the center of the conversation.

However, as soon as she took action, the bald man took a glance at her all of a sudden. He stood up abruptly and shouted, "Miss Qi."

Upon hearing this, Viola froze and people around looked at her strangely.

As she paused, the man walked briskly towards her with a swaying bump.

"Miss Qi, why are you leaving?" Bald man shouted loudly.

Trying her best to suppress the urge to run away, she forced a smile and said, "Are you Sea Zhang? How did you recognize me? "

"Oh, here's the thing. Your landlady sent me your photo. I was too excited to fall asleep last night, hahaha."

Sea Zhang stared straight at her and put the phone in front of her.

When she saw her own photo on the screen, a touch of coldness came over her. " Uh. "

She had never wanted to find a boyfriend, and now she was traumatized.

She racked her brain for an excuse.

"Miss Qi, come here. Let's sit down and have a talk." Sea Zhang gestured her to go to the dining room. Then he returned to his seat and took out the chair for Viola


Viola reluctantly thanked him and sat down. She warned herself not to judge people by their appearance.

The waitress came over and politely asked, "Sir, what do you want?"

Viola hadn't opened the coffee offer list yet, but Sea Zhang acted quickly on the other side. "Give me two cups of water."

Hearing what he had said, Viola's body trembled a little. She tightened her grip on her priceless hand.

"I'm sorry, sir. We're coffee shop. I don't want to sell water." The waitress put her hands on her stomach, forcing a smile.

Slightly opening the coffee price and trying to block her face, she started to regret. Who on earth had she offended and why did they play such a trick on her.

"What!" Sea Zhang banged the table and stood up. "You don't need to pay for the water. You own a gangster! Am I right, Miss Qi? "

On the other side, for some inexplicable reason, Viola looked calm but in fact, she was freaking out. She put down the coffee price list and forced a smile. "Mr. Zhang, this is my treat. Waiter, please give us two cups of Blue Mountain coffee."

The waitress, as if having discovered something, threw a scornful glance at Sea Zhang and walked away.

Only then did a sigh of relief escape from her chest.

"A cup of Blue Mountain coffee costs one hundred yuan, two hundred yuan. Oh my God, it's too extravagant!" Sea Zhang opened another price list and made a fuss.

Hearing this, Viola almost fell down from the chair. Suddenly, she had a sense of powerlessness, and the corners of her mouth twitched. "Mr. Zhang, I've told you, please don't take it too seriously."

"You can't waste money. Your money belongs to us from now on. Water makes us satisfied."

Upon hearing his affirmative tone, Viola suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Sea Zhang rushed to the waiter and said something to him. At the sight of this, Viola saw her face turning blue.

On the other side, Viola was like on pins and needles. When Sea Zhang came back, she lowered her voice nervously and asked, "What did you say to the waiter?"

"I asked her to change the two cups of coffee into one. Didn't she tell you to buy me the coffee?" Sea Zhang took it for granted. "Then I will take it reluctantly."

Viola really wanted to say dirty words.

She couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up and said apologetically, "Sorry, I have to work overtime today. I have to go."

She took out 100 dollars and put it on the table before leaving. She walked in a hurry and didn't have time to look at the road. She bumped into a woman.

At the sight of her face, she apologized immediately, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"What's wrong with you? Are you blind?" Ivy An's face darkened. She cast a sharp glance at Viola, and then called out in a cold voice, "Hi, Viola!"

Viola looked up and saw the woman, with long brown hair, blue pupils and white skin, like an exquisite doll. Her face changed and she immediately recognized her.

Recalling the past, she pretended not to be serious, "Who are you?"

"I'm Ivy An. We were rivals in love Zarian in the past." Ivy An's cheeks dimples were so sweet that they dazzled people's eyes.

Although she was sweet, Viola hated her willful character and means.

"Oh, it's you. I almost forget you if you didn't remind me."

"…… No way. I was planning to invite you to be our bridesmaid when we get married. " Ivy An smiled sweetly in a flaunting tone.

Thinking of the man who she had deliberately forgotten for a long time, Viola felt a little bitter in her heart.

But she didn't want to be laughed at by her, so she smiled back and said, "Congratulations!"

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