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   Chapter 22 Mr. Chu Got Angry

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A slight smile played on Viola's face. She put down the water in her hand and sat down, "You should know that. You took the porridge from my hand and brought it to Mr. Chu."

"Really?" Maynard looked at them playfully.

"Maynard, she's talking nonsense. I just brought it to you, but I don't know what she had put in it. She's vomiting like that," Biting her lower lip, Elly looked delicate and touching.

With her hands on her arms, Viola blurted out something unconsciously, "Who said I vomited because the porridge is poisoned? Or maybe I am pregnant?"

As if it was not a big deal, she shot a look at the direction of Maynard.

"What!" Elly screamed as if she was hit by lighting.

Realizing that she made up an excuse, it was too late to regret.

At the same time, Maynard walked in front of her and pulled her up.

A sharp pain came from her chin. Her face crumpled.

"You said you are pregnant?" Maynard narrowed his sharp eyes.

"Although I have no appetite and what I eat lately, being pregnant is just my guess, I can't take it seriously," said Viola, trying to put a restraint on the lingering fear in her heart.

Maynard cast a casual glance at her, let go of her chin and called in the butler. "Call Dr. George and tell him to come to the villa this afternoon."

"Yes, Mr. Chu." The Butler didn't ask more, and respectfully left. He just glanced at Viola.

With her eyelids twitching, Viola asked worriedly, "Mr. Chu, what's wrong with you? Did you call the doctor?"

"You said that you are pregnant. I will call a private doctor to check up for you." There was no expression on Maynard's cold and handsome face, but more complicated emotions in his eyes when he looked at her.

With her legs trembling, the color on her face faded away more quickly. She laughed stiffly and said, "Mr. Chu, maybe that's just my illusion. I don't even have a boyfriend. How can I be pregnant?"

"It's better to have an examination, everyone can rest assured." Maynard tucked a strand of hair around her ear, picked up the notebook on the table and went upstairs.

It was so cold that Viola shivered and wondered what he meant.

She could only smile numbly and dare not speak with anger.

"Maynard." Elly kept shouting, but failed to get any response from Maynard. With a ferocious glance at Viola, she reluctantly ran upstairs.

But Viola didn't care about it at all.

She recalled that scene of Maynard just now, and was almost scared to death.

She glanced at the porridge inadvertently and thought it would be better not to ruin the body when she looked up at the upstairs.

So she took it to the kitchen.

She poured the porridge into the sink, turned on the tap, and flushed the porridge away with a splash.

After she turned off the tap, she finally felt relieved.

Then she heard some quick and brisk footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Elly angrily come in.

"Go out and have a talk with me." Elly was about to take her hand.

Viola stepped back in a hurry and said, "We could talk. But be careful not to hurt my baby."

She pretended as if she really had something to do with it, and deliberately covered her belly.

"I've already seen it. There's nothing to show off." The smile on her face died away. Elly stamped her foot and turned around.

Viola clenched her fists silently and felt greatly refreshed.

The summer breeze was blowing on the balcony. Sitting in a rocking chair and drinking Viola couldn't help asking, "Miss Xia, what do you want from


Elly took a look at the stairs, and then sat down on the rocking chair in front of her. After showing her original face, she warned her ferociously, "I advise you to leave Maynard as soon as possible. It's no use having a baby. He won't marry a woman like you."

Having expected this, she didn't show much surprise. "Okay."

"Even if you give birth to the baby, he will only give you a cheque to get out of here." Elly gritted her teeth and wore a mean expression on her face. "Maynard is so pure and self-confident that he won't touch you. It must be you who tempted him," she said.

Upon hearing what she said, Viola was extremely displeased. She pulled a long face and said, "Please stop. If I say something that I don't like or don't understand, I'll tell him that you put salt in the porridge. It's over with you."

"Who saw me putting it in? Who saw that? " A fluster flashed across Elly's face. She tidied up her dress and said, "Miss Qi, don't sling mud at me."

With her hands on her cheeks, Viola grinned and said, "No one has seen it, but Mr. Chu is so rich, it might not be a problem for him to buy a few pieces of lie detectors to tell lies."

"You! You!" Elly was too angry and guilty to finish her sentence.

Viola sighed as if she hadn't seen it, "Miss Xia, you'd better think it over."

"Let's wait and see." Then she walked away in dejection.

As soon as they left, Viola breathed a sigh of relief. She wiped the sweat on her forehead with a tissue. "You scared me to death."

But she felt helpless when she thought of the private doctor who would come here this afternoon.

She suddenly felt that her life was like a coffee table, filled with all kinds of cups.

Time passed, and it was almost five o'clock in the afternoon. Viola sat on the sofa miserably, her hands shaking as she allowed the private doctor, George, to examine her.

Both of Maynard and Elly turned their eyes to look at Viola, who was in great confusion at once.

Thinking of what Elly had said to her a moment ago, she had decided that she would stay away from Maynard from now on. If he had found out that she had a son, she would be separated from Ann.

Doctor George finished the examination very soon. Viola did not have the courage to ask. As a person who sent her menstruation out three days ago, she was too ashamed to ask.

"How is it going?" Maynard said airily.

"Miss Qi is very healthy. She is not pregnant." George replied as he rubbed his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

For a moment, the faces of the people at present were all different. Viola walked to the other side at the same time with her. Especially when she saw that Elly's face was grateful and Maynard's face was as if covered with a layer of frost, she lowered her head almost into her chest.

"I see. Butler, send Dr. George." With his hands clasped together, a storm was brewing in Maynard's eyes.

When the housekeeper saw the guests out, Elly walked up to Viola and said hesitantly, "Miss Qi, didn't you say that you are pregnant? We have heard what the doctor said. Who do you think we should believe? "

Wearing an injured face, Viola spoke against her conscience, "I don't know if I'm pregnant. I've never been pregnant."

"Miss Qi, you shouldn't have said it as if you already knew it. You either have a purpose, or have a bad intention. Ah, did I say something that I shouldn't have said?" Then Elly realized what she just said and covered her mouth.

'You just tell me everything you shouldn't say.' Viola thought.

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