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   Chapter 21 Getting Pregnant

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Noticing that he stressed the word "tame", she had a strong urge to run away.

She got stuck in a pickle in her mind for a moment. The hand drooping on her side tightened. She compressed her lips and said, "Mr. Chu, I understand what you mean. I will cook the porridge very well."

She was unsettled, but she didn't know that there was someone more unsettled than her.

"Brother, what punishment are you talking about?"

Cruelty and curiosity filled Elly's eyes.

Maynard stood up and undid the top two buttons, revealing his wheat skin.

He raised his head slowly and glanced at Viola. His voice was as low and pleasant as an elegant Violoncello. "You understand."

Though a little embarrassed, Viola stammered, " She couldn't help but laugh out loud Your joke is so cold. "

She wanted to slap him to death.

His woman was casting greedy eyes on him, but he said something that would make people misunderstand him. He thought that she had not lived a hard life.

Viola quickly put the cooked porridge in a bowl, rolled her eyes and ran to the corner of the monitor.

Looking around, when nobody was around, she took out a bottle of salt secretly from her jeans pocket and looked at the porridge in her bowl hesitantly.

If she were to throw the whole bottle in, would it be a crime against her?

With more salt, even if they were found out, she would be kicked out That's all, right?

She was struggling in her heart, and did not notice that Elly's quiet footsteps approached her from behind, and took away the salt from her unexpectedly.

The bowl of porridge in her right hand was taken away, which scared her very much. Her left hand trembled and almost made the porridge spill to the ground.

She protected the bowl of porridge in a hurry. As soon as she saw the woman, she felt very guilty. "Miss Xia, why are you here?"

"If I didn't come here, how could I see you playing tricks?" She shook her salt in her hands and said, "Miss Qi, I didn't expect you to be such a woman."

A little square, she immediately opened her eyes and lied. "I didn't do anything? I'm just afraid that Mr. Chu might feel the porridge is too light and want to add a little salt in it."

She pointed to the air with her thumb and index finger in case she misunderstood.

"So it is." "It seems that I misunderstood you," she continued apologetically

Viola thought she had figured it out. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but unexpectedly, Elly poured all the salt into her porridge in a blink of an eye.

It was too late when Viola wanted to stop her. The porridge was covered with a thick layer of salt.

Upon hearing this, Viola was stunned. She opened her mouth and asked, "Miss Xia, what's wrong?"

"Ah, I want to pour some salt for you, but I'm clumsy. If I accidentally sprinkled too much salt, will you blame me for that?" Elly looked innocent and reached out her hand to smooth her long hair.

You did it on purpose, didn't you! Viola was so depressed that she even wanted to swallow the anger back. However, before she could do anything, Elly took the bowl away from her.

Viola took a deep breath and ordered herself to calm down. "Miss Xia, what's wrong?"

"I just want to make amends by sending the porridge to Maynard. Please don't blame me, though I'm very sorry," After saying these words in a perfunctory manner, she stuffed the salty medicine into Viola's hand.

Holding the bowl of porridge in her hand, she left quickly in her stilettos with her shaky waist.

Viola's face turned pale all of a sudden. She threw the bottle of salt as the culprit behind her. "Miss Xia, please wait a minute. I think we should have a good chat on life."

She hurried after her.

After a while, she ran to the living room and saw the loving scene.

Maynard leaned lazily on the sofa and made a phone call, discussing a project. Meanwhile, Elly moved a chair next to him and stared at him with deep affection.

If it weren't for the fruit of her labor, she would

be very happy to praise the couple.

Maynard said something to the person on the other end of the phone. As soon as he hung up the phone, Elly walked up to him and said, "Maynard, Miss Qi's porridge is delicious. It smells great. Come on, have a try."

Seeing that she had picked up a spoonful of porridge with her spoon and was about to feed him, Viola felt her heart skipped a beat. Immediately, she mumbled, "Mr. Chu, this porridge might not be delicious. You'd better not drink it. It's bad for your health if you're getting a cold worse."

"Really?" A faint smile appeared in Maynard's eyes. He put his hands on the sofa in an imposing manner and said, "You haven't eaten it before. How do you know its taste?"

Not daring to say it was half bottle of salt in the porridge, Viola patted her head and asked curiously, "Yes, how do I know whether it is delicious?"

Maynard glanced at her leisurely, and under such gaze of hers, Viola was even more afraid to tell him everything.

Is it that your woman has done something I want to do but I dare not to?

How dare she say that. However, if she had poured the salt into the bowl, she would have accepted his punishment. But why was she punished for Elly pouring the salt to the bowl?

Thinking of that, she said seriously, "Mr. Chu, do you believe that there's a dream in the day? I dreamed that this bowl of porridge is not delicious."

As soon as she stopped speaking, a low and pleasant voice sounded, "Reporter Qi, have you put something in the porridge?"

Viola chuckled, which looked even uglier than crying, and said, " How could it be possible? I don't dare to do that since there is a monitor here. "

"How could Miss Qi have the chance to put the aphrodisiac in the soup? Maynard, eat your porridge now. It will not taste good when it is cold," She looked gentle and kind-hearted.

At this moment, Viola was hopeless.

Maynard signaled for her to put the porridge on the table. Then he looked at Viola with a wicked glint in his eyes. "Since you say this porridge is not tasty, I won't eat it," he said.

Viola was overjoyed at his words and spoke highly of him all of a sudden. "Mr. Chu, I didn't expect you to be so approachable and easy-going. You are really my idol."

"But it's not good to waste food. Viola, drink it for me." Maynard said and pushed the porridge in front of her.

At a loss what to do, Viola looked at the bowl of porridge and could not help but tremble with her teeth. "Well, I'm not hungry. Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Chu," she said.

"The porridge that was highly praised by the idol. You should be longing for it." After thinking about it thoroughly, Maynard walked up to her and said in a soft voice, "Why don't we talk about why you were expelled from school five years ago?"

Maynard seemed to have pointed out her Achilles' heel, and she had to give in. "I'd better eat porridge. You're my dream lover, and I must give you face."

"Drink it." Maynard said with an expressionless face.

"Come on, Miss Qi!" Elly added unkindly.

Viola picked up the bowl full of porridge, scooped a spoonful and put it into her mouth hurriedly in front of the two people. She put down the bowl before she could put it into the trash can.

After vomiting, she still had a heavy salty taste in her mouth. She was suffering unspeakable bitterness and looked for water everywhere, like a little losing way.

After she rinsed her mouth, she walked back to the living room. She was so tired that she could hardly breathe.

Her face was pale and she kept pouring water into her mouth. It took a long time for her to come to her sense and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just joking. The porridge does not taste good."

Just as she finished her words, a cold light was cast towards her, and her heart felt so cold.

"Maynard, the porridge seems to be poisonous. Ask someone to take her away right now," With a disappointed look on her face, she sighed and asked, "Miss Qi, what did you put in the locker room?"

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